Sunday, April 25, 2010

But apparently do not iron - look at that skirt!

You all know I may be a little iron-skittish these days though, right?

Anyways, I can't sew. I know this. I have little patience for straight lines, small needles, and measurements that must be spot on. But Maya's in a play and I am on the costume committee and things must be made. Lucky for me, I can go to yard sales, buy a big silver bathrobe and CUT. Cutting I can do. Doesn't require too much exact-ness.

I needed to make some kind of silver jacket or cape to cover the gold top on this dress for the White Witch's costume. So I used those scissors to the best of my ability and made a crazy Kabuki like number for the witch. Cut up bathrobe, giant bow-crest thing at the waist, and an evil giant black gem on the button. (evil says Maya)

The girl playing the witch is a little bigger than Maya, so use your imagination -- It's very weird making a costume for a kid you don't know, and she's just swimming in the jacket here.

I'm also in charge of beards and goatees.
(Or as I see it: fur fabric, scissors and two sided tape.)

The play's next weekend. And someone else is in charge of Maya's costume. Can't wait to see if they can sew and make something better than I did...

The bright side of this project was hitting a few yard sales on Sat AM. Look at the very cool set of teacups and dessert plates I scored! Not sure if I can work a cocktail angle with these, as tea and booze isn't my bag, but I do have a Southern Comfort Cake recipe I love. Super tasty.


(I leave out the nuts)

On the knitting front, the Lilas has grown. I'm almost down the sides, and will just need to finish up and make short sleeves. It's lovely and easy knitting, but I'm itching to do a little design work again after the week off!

So, yesterday after the costume was done, I picked up this guy - and ended up rethinking things and frogging back a ways. Not exactly progress, but things will be prettier for it.

Off to the nursery to get plants for the porch now -- drinks later.


Julie said...

spiked egg nog at xmas? or some of those spiked coffee or hot chocolate drinks with truffles, cookies, cakes etc.? Those are gorgeous plates and cups.

What a great job of cutting, costume looks fab!

Turtle said...

great yardsale finds and revamps!

Laura said...

Oh hot tea with a dash of gran marnier is soo yummy!

janna said...

I love the cup/dessert plate combo! I'm a sucker for cups and saucers anyway. I have cups/saucers/dessert plates for 30, left over from my army wife days. I just can't bring myself to part with them, though.

Carol said...

It begs the question - why isn't everyone making their own kid's costume? I hope Maya gets a winner like this one.

Hilary said...

Nice! That is a great witch costume. It also made me crack up when you mentioned you were in charge of beards and goatees. I'm picturing you going around grooming the faces of, like, 40 kids with fake beards on.

Kym said...

There's nothing quite like beards and goatees on pre-adolescent kids! So fun! So lifelike!

Love the dessert plate/cup combination plates.