Monday, May 17, 2010

get kind of mixed up, don't you think? We are having our first few gorgeous weekends outside, planting the plants and mixing the rum drinks - and all the while I"m thinking about worsteds and tweeds. Very screwy.


The good news about my lack of seasonal appropriateness is that my first Fall design is almost done being knit twice (as is my way...) and about to get written up (as soon as I finish posting on the old blog this morning).

Next is the testing. A couple of you have already volunteered so I'll be covered in the 32-38 range, but if any 40+ size knitters out there might want to test up a new top down cardigan design and have a batch of solid, semi solid or heathered worsted lying about, shoot me a Rav message or comment below with your email so we can chat.

Once this one's off my plate, I'm waiting for a very exciting package from the Plucky Knitter with a batch of gorgeous gray merino, for which we have plans. More on that later, once the yarn comes here to live. Mmmmm. Any day now.

In the meantime, I have this tweed lying about with nowhere to go.

And last week while I was helping out in the Kindergarten Writer's Workshop, next year's parents came in with the new batch of kids. And it was a cold morning - because we live in New England and it can be 30 degrees in the middle of May.

Anyways, this one woman had a big woofy cardigan on that I simply cannot get out of my head. It was pretty distinctive, and I'm thinking I can wrap my head around it with a little effort. I never did speak to her and I didn't have my camera, but I still have a pretty good mental image of the thing. Which I must own.

And I have a stitch pattern in mind, that'll repeat nicely in a top down textured sweatercoat.

or so I think.

Won't she be surprised when she gets to school next year and I'm sporting her sweater?


Before I get writing, there's that drink up top - I have no idea what to name it and I'm ready to get to the cardigan pattern, so I"ll just leave it up to you to call it what you will.

1 oz (since it was a small glass - use 2 if you have a tall glass) dark rum
3 oz pineapple juice
ice cubes
shot of lime juice
fill remainder of glass with black cherry seltzer.

I know it sounds weird - but the cherry kept the pineapple from being too sweet, and it added bubbles, which I like on a hot day. If you rather keep it simple, use lime flavored seltzer.
We did that for one of them and it was fine too. But I liked this one better - :-)


Kristen said...

There is never a bad time for tweed. I can't wait to see the new sweater! You are crazy fast, lady!

Chris said...

I know! I've been trying to reconcile the super hot weather outside with my thoughts of wooly sweaters, too. If you're ever needing a 38" tester in the future, I'd love to do one. I look forward to seeing the Plucky yarn!

Turtle said...

sounds delicious, ok, the drink and fiber lovelies! i had thought about the seasonal knit thing the other day and how i always seem to be off a season on one project or other! Oh well, the drinks make it all seem to make sense.

Anonymous said...

The Knitting Seasons sounds like an album title, or something!

OK, I'm tempted by the test knit. I"m a 40ish-inch. Get in touch! You know where I am! I just got a tonne of C220.

Anonymous said...

The Knitting Seasons sounds like an album title, or something!

OK, I'm tempted by the test knit. I"m a 40ish-inch. Get in touch! You know where I am! I just got a tonne of C220.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

The drink sounds yummy and at least that matches the season :)

Hilary said...

I totally agree with you about the seasons. It completely messes me up! I haven't submitted to too many publications, but it always weirds me out to sketch and try to plan fall stuff when spring is starting, winter stuff when summer's starting, etc. And often, I have an idea for a particular season, but once I get it down, the season is over. It also doesn't help that the seasons are all whacked out in San Francisco. Oh well, such is the plight of the knitter. :)