Saturday, July 03, 2010

Maya and I decided to make something red, white and blue to sip in our new Outdoor Living Room, which has been getting lots of airtime. It's lovely to hang out back where nobody can see us and the shade kicks in early in the day. I broke down and actually bought a coffee table to complete the whole thing, but I'll consider the whole "room" a bargain since I got it all for the price of one table. And it'll be properly christened with many ribs and a few friends tonight!

We'll call the drink an Independence Day.

Fill glass halfway with black cherry soda.
Add 2 oz vanilla vodka
Add black cherry seltzer almost to the top
Slice lime and squeeze, add two cherries
Add ice cubes and stir

(Maya had hers without the vodka)

Good thing we have a fun drink since the summer heat's getting to a few of us around here.

Maya's coping much better with a good book, don't you think? She digs rocking on that glider.

In the background, I'm so about to give in to the summer doldrums myself. Dragging my knitting self around, and dreading the next cardigan project is a sure sign it's time to take a break. So, I'm wrapping up the green project here and about to begun a fun and easy manscarf. My next few endeavors will NOT be for publishing, but for fun. Listening to my inner knitter, who wants a little therapeutic, brainless needlework.

And the first is a gift, because even fairies need presents.

Any long time readers know who it's for?


Carol said...

Poor Z! I was feeling like that the other day. This is going to be a hot week. Perfect to spend in your shady outside room. Happy 4th!

savannahchik said...

your Independence Day sounds great! i love berries and lime. happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it might even be too hot to hold wool in the absence of AC.

Holli said...

Three Comments:
1. I love black cherry soda!
2. I can totally relate to Zoe's look of utter exhaustion from the heat.
3. I just started knitting a sweater for my sister's September birthday. I think it may have been a big huge HOT may be shelved for a cooler part of the summer.

Kym said...

Your new living room looks so welcoming! I think Maya's got it all figured out!

Hilary said...

Haha...Zoe. Though I have to say...she makes even heat exhaustion look adorable! :)

Patty said...

Love the looks of the living room! Enjoy the easy knitting!