Friday, July 30, 2010

Or should I say sleight of hand... See this cool dragon glass? It was a "gift" from a Chinese restaurant we went to earlier this year. "Gifted" to me by a very surprising source. My penchant for Chinese restaurant souvenirs is a sad but well-documented state of affairs going back to college, and for better or for worse, it's somewhat of a family joke.

Apparently, it might be a hereditary skill.

We were in DC over spring vacation (as you may recall) and popped into a great looking Chinese restaurant after a long day of museums and monuments and the open top tour bus. They were packed and we had to wait around a bit for a table -- right next to the bar. So of course, Craig sees the flat of cool dragon glasses and points them out to me, but the dude's right there and he just won't go away, so we discuss options, but we figure we've missed our shot.

I order myself a mai tai, figuring it'll come in one of these and I can slip it in my bag, but no. It shows up in a lame plain glass cup. Craig orders a Suffering Bastard and gets the same. It became kind of a game, and no one at our table could get a cool glass - but the more we ordered, the more determined we became. Not so hard to believe, huh?

Until the girls ordered lemonades. And they both came in dragons. But I figure I'm a parent and this is a bad example and they'll wonder where their dragon glasses went, and then there's the whole stealing aspect of the thing, so I let it go. We are all amused, and sadly I leave the table, glasses intact.

But when we get outside the place, I'm handed a set of two. And as cool as they were on their own merit, they're even more amazing knowing my Mom slipped them into her bag for me!


On the subject of smoke and mirrors, an hourglass design on the front of a cardigan also pulls off a little trick of its own. Especially when there are a few attention-getting buttons in the very center of your waist to draw the eye in.

It was finished up today.

And yes, it has sucked having it on my lap at the beach, but after an entire month in a few small bits of lycra tied together with string that doesn't hide a damn thing, I'm ready for the magic of 900 yards of worsted in an hourglass design.

Few people love their summer more than me. But... Mmmm, fall. It's almost time. I cannot wait to squeeze my ass into some figure flattering jeans and a cardigan again!

Stay tuned. The fall patterns will begin soon -- and the first one's a freebie.

OOoops. I almost forgot to tell you about the drink -- yesterday, a friend put an unopened Nestea into my cold bag, as it was closer to the water than hers. Then she forgot about it, and I am a HUGE white trash iced tea fan, although my big thing of it got all clumped together and I haven't bought a new one.

I was so happy - it got a few ounces of peach vodka, a few mint leaves and some ice cubes.

And the little palm tree looks kind of perfect with the dragon, doesn't it?


Dani said...

Nestea is awesome with Peach Schnapps. We always called it a Bruised Peach!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the glasses story!! Hilarious.

Chris said...

That is one gorgeous glass. Nice sweater!

Carol said...

Can't wait for Fall. Did you feel how cold it was yesterday morning?? 60F this morning too. Ahhhh. Despite the yoga, I could use that Hourglass as well...

Laurie said...

You are totally creative with the beverages!

Can't wait for fall. I do like me my shorts, but still. I'm ready to start finishing some bigger knits.

Turtle said...

the knitting is looking fab, as usual. lol at mom! We have a cool bar set that has been accumulated by friends in the same manner. It has become a challenge for them to find the "cooler" glass for the man bar!

Wendy said...

If you ever get caught - you know who to call! Very funny!

Wendy said...

If you ever get caught - you know who to call! Very funny!

Patty said...

Nice job, I've got a bit of a glass habit too! Love the looks of the knits, can't wait to see the cardi.

Kym said...

So funny! Love the dragon glasses . . . and love the cardigan, too! :-)