Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First I owe you the Winners of the photo contest - and a thank you to the knitter judges, Diana and Erin, with whom I spent a lovely, long and rainy Wednesday. The non knitter judges were Maya and Craig, who I've already thanked and probably owe ME a few thank yous... yes?

Anyways, without further ado - congrats!

SweetMama, for her gorgeous golden Calvados.
Sassy Leo for her lovely chocolate Nantucket Red.
Doodle for her adorable take on the Snaps and Lace Cardigan.
ReluctantMango for her cream Blackberry Surprise, posted in the cutest mama/son pics.

Once we trade addresses, your cocktail kits will hit the mail!


Around here, it was a cozy, cool, and rainy summer Wednesday.

Plans to go to the beach were cancelled and instead, we spent the day with a table's worth of yarn and four busy girls, which means the knitting endeavors were extra productive. The rain made things green outside and got me going with a few greens in here.

First, I repainted my toes bright orange. It was way past time.

Then I got to the yarn. The two skeins on top of the book pile are Madeline Tosh that have been hanging in stash ever since SPA, when I saw them next to each other at Purl Diva and absolutely HAD to create something that would forever keep them together. Sketches are done and a swatch is underway -- in the bright green Arcaunia leftover bit, since I'm not about to frog and ruin that MT when I change my mind forty times. Which I know I will.

The other green - the aran tweedy one - is one you've been seeing in piles around the blog for a while. But it's about to disappear for a bit, since it's DONE. Done, done, done. Well, the entire design is not completely done, as it still needs to be written, edited, and tested. But it's done knitting. And its been blocked, and tried on and snuggled (as much as you want to snuggle Yorkshire Tweed anyways), and is soon to be folded and stored for a bit.

Which is good, because when the rain stops and the sun comes out again, I don't really want it on my lap anymore. But I do love it - and I'm glad to have reknit the design - the tweed is a vast improvement on the original yarn, and of course, when reknitting, other details also get a revamp, don't they? It's all good. It's better.

It just might get worn at Rhinebeck.

This productive jaunt didn't just end with contest judging, design swatching, and cardigan finishing. (and socializing...) I also had a little fun with these two skeins and worked up a little something that combines both colors and has a little fun with the textures. Something that's NOT a sweater and may be an OK size to bring to the Cape next week.

Because I'll be in a house on a beach. For an entire week. In less than 48 hours!

PS, and Oh yes, I have no new drinks. I can't stop making those cu-collinses. I promise to experiment again soon.


Wendy said...

No matching cocktail???

Chris said...

Yay! Thanks so much. Your aran tweedy sweater is lovely. Have a great trip!

Carol said...

Needles at the ready here to test knit that last one. LOVE the idea and the yarns. Enjoy the Cape!

Robin said...
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Robin said...

Those winning projects were gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely, relaxing time on your beach trip. :)

Turtle said...

congrats winners! What a great sounding day. Now that i am back home i am soooo making one of those cocktails this weekend! (after college tuition discussions for two days...i need it!)

Kathleen said...

How had I not thought that you'd know Ellen (Purl Diva)? She's my LYSO here in Maine! Love her and love that she keeps me stocked in madtosh.

Whereabouts on the Cape? I used to spend a lot of time in Barnstable Village, and my college roomie lives down in Falmouth. Enjoy!

Turtle said...

OMG to the cu-collins!!! Just made it using basil and cilantro. Made the simple syrup using agave nectar and just used lemon juice as i had no fresh lemons.....yum!!! New drink, thank you!!