Saturday, August 14, 2010

I think it's better.

Yes, it's one day later and I'm back in my yard with my purple Essie on my lap and another pitcher of frozen minty melon goodness in front of me. Really, I did leave the house for a while today and wandered around the world, but here I am again. I could explain my lack of new ideas by saying it's taking a while for me to download and restart after my trip to NJ, which is true, but really, we still had half a melon in the fridge and were in the mood.

This time:

In a blender, put half a honeydew, chopped up
12-15 mint leaves
about 8 ice cubes
juice of one lime, squeezed in
3 oz midori
6 oz vodka

The midori and vodka combo beat the rum - in our opinion. You tasted more of the melon and mint, without the rum competing.

Do your own taste test and tell me what you think!


Turtle said...

mmmm, will have to try this one! hubby adores honeydew, not always my favorite (i'm a canteloupe girl, but that makes his tongue feel hairy)

Julie said...

Sounds lovely! I'm more of a gin fan myself if I'm not drinking wine. Jason had a very interesting drink on the Cape this weekend- Hendrick's Gin with muddled cucumber and basil. I can't seem to find anything quite like that online though lots of ones that come close.

Kym said...

Mmmmmm. I love melon drinks! Those look so refreshing (and I love the little flower stir sticks).

Hilary said...

Oooh! That does sound yummy! Will have to try...