Friday, August 13, 2010

After a week away, there was much laundry and catching up to do today. Followed by this.

It had been a crazy and busy vacation, full of grandmas and grandpas and old friends and New York City. (I have more to share on the Grandmas later.) It was a good week, but getting back home felt great. We were wiped, and the downtime on the patio was much needed.

As were these Minty Melon Things.

In a blender:
Put half a honeydew melon, cut in pieces.
Toss in a handful of mint leaves.
Add the juice of one lime - squeeze it in there.
Toss in 5-6 ice cubes
Add 6-8 oz of rum.

Blend and Pour. I set the blender on the "froth" setting for a sec and they got extra fluffy. My friend Lisa was not a fan of the fluff, but I thought it was kind of fun.


Turtle said...

mmmmmm, and knitting too!

Sue said...

The minty melon recipe sounds delicious, will have to try it out in summertime!

Hilary said...

Welcome back! Sounds like a great trip (I really can't wait to hear the stories about the Grandmas) and a fabulous recovery day! I am so trying the minty melon recipe and passing it along to my parents...Dad not only counts "mixology" as his hobby, but is also a melon farmer. In fact, do you remember what the label on your honeydew looked like? If it was King O' The West (big crown, clear sticker) or Sycamore (yellow and red with a leaf), it was my fam's.

Carol said...

I so want one of those frothy things next time I'm over.

Chris said...

Yum. Those drinks look delicious. The knitting looks like something great for fall.