Friday, September 10, 2010

is a beautiful thing! Thank you, Namaste, for making this giant, awesome, perfectly deep red, messenger-style knitting bag. It has about 10,000 pockets and compartments and is way deeper than you'd think. I can hide a child in here (or a bottle), should the need arise. But for now, it's carting around a pile of creamy white alpaca from NH S&W.
Before I move on to the alpaca (which I will), I first have to say Thank You and WOW for the response to my Shiraz and Dark and Stormy designs!

I am so so so floored by all the great feedback and by the number of you who jumped to buy the patterns in such a short time. It's been a crazy few weeks around here, and if I haven't responded to an email or comment, I'm sorry. Every time I pulled up the internet, my list of emails and messages was unbelievable! But I am so happy and so humbled by your support and I can't wait to see your WIPs start popping up on Ravelry. I really hope you guys will like knitting these as much as I liked designing them.

Maybe I'll see one or two in the wild at Rhinebeck??


So, now comes the hard part - what to do next, right?

Here's where I am so far. The stitch pattern is something I played with on a quilt square recently and fell in love with. It's kind of a cable, and kind of a smock, and is done with a YO and ribbing, as you knit. I love it in this creamy, soft alpaca and am using it as the accent on, yep, yet another cardigan. Although I got this yarn from a fair, it knits at exactly at the same gauge as Berroco's Ultra Alpaca, so I can translate into a knittable pattern pretty easily. The cardigan is my attempt at "drapey and flowy, but not overwhelming" - as I'm short and curvy and need a little fit with my drape and flow. So far, so good, but I'm only down the shoulders. However, I have high hopes. Because, in the drawing, it looks great. (Also in the drawing, I lost 10 lbs, grew 5", and have long shapely legs. Because it's MY drawing and I can do that. )

Lastly on the upcoming design front, Sarah (thepluckyknitter) and I have been talking lots and planning more combined pattern and yarn projects. Another cardigan has already been knit and is getting written up for late fall release. Also, for people with smaller quantities of yarn or a tighter budget, we're working on a smaller project - still clothing, but less yarn.

How's that for a hint? Any guesses? Stay tuned!

Anyways, after a week of computer mornings this week, I'm off with a friend today. We're hitting a favorite thrift shop and having lunch - so maybe I'll have new cocktail glasses to share in my next post!

Here's hoping.


At Home Mommy Knits said...

That Namaste bag is gorgeous! Love the red. I really enjoy reading about your designing process....something I aspire to but can't quite make the leap :) Need some more knitting under my belt I think. Your cardigans are all lovely and I look forward to seeing your next design(s).

Renee said...

It is the perfect knitting bag! I have it in an olivey green and just adore it.

Oh, more Sarah work... hope one of the future projects is a vest. Or maybe, a - vest?? hint, hint. lol It'll be gorgeous I'm sure no matter what it is.

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Oh, the Namaste!! I want one, but can't decide which one I want. The only thing I know for sure is I want it to be purple. :)

I just bought soon as I finish it I'll knit White Russian. Then it's the coming soon had me at "ties at the waist".

Zonda said...

Oooh Red! It's lovely! Glad your patterns are doing well, um..they are are my top 2 to knit this fall ;) The new one is looking very interesting!

Jody said...

hurry hurry with the alpaca so that I can buy a pattern! I too bought a creamy wonderful alpaca at Rhinebeck last year and it is waiting for a cardigan, top down?

Hilary said...

I'm so glad to hear that you're doing more with the Plucky Knitter, because your designs + her yarn seem to be a match made in heaven!

The smocky, cabley stitch pattern with this cream alpaca is so, so pretty. Can't wait to see where this one goes. (The description "body mods" in your sketch made me laugh! I usually go up a few cup sizes in my own drawings... :) )

thistledown musings said...

I have the bag in eggplant and just love it. I use it as my purse and there is lots of room for everything in it.

And I love your Dark and Stormy. Makes me want to knitting it up for the coming cold season.

Kym said...

Love the Namaste bag! I have one (different design) in the olive green color and it is WONderful. As for you . . . and your success . . . I'm so not surprised! You have a great sense of style -- and you put forward such knit-able, wear-able designs. Hip-hip-hurray!