Monday, October 11, 2010

We picked yesterday. Two bags and $60 later, we've Got Apples.

And as much as we love apples, anyone who lives in New England and does the apple picking thing knows what I'm talking about. You can eat your fill, make a pie, can applesauce to last you the remainder of the winter, and make gift bags for your neighbors (we've done all that already), and still you'll have apples coming out of the rafters if you've done the picking thing right.

I also bought a big hunk of cheddar this year, and am planning an apple pork risotto for tomorrow night, which is a new thing, but all the appley intentions in the world aren't going to make a dent in the batch we picked.

(see that red yarn? More on that soon...)

So, anyways, I got creative. And man, THIS just might make a dent. Apple Lemon Gin and Tonics. Lisa, who you may remember from cocktails past, also agreed after she tried hers. You could go through a few with this new spin on apple usage!

Place 3-4 pieces of sliced apple in a glass.
Add a slice of lemon and gently muddle together in the bottom
Add 2 oz gin
Fill remainder of glass with tonic water
Add ice cubes


We had Macintosh and Cortlands, for any of you purists out there. Both work great.


In Rhinebeck news, and for any Bingo players, my status has changed.

My planned Rhinebeck buddy Carol has made a crazy scheduling snafu and volunteered to host a 50 person dinner at her home next weekend. Yep, NEXT WEEKEND. She realized her folly when I called to make plans for the Friday drive. She was not happy, but she couldn't convince her husband to host it solo. So she'll be here in Boston snacking on canapes and wishing she was with the llamas while we yuck it up in NY State.

Now, for anyone hoping to find me for their Bingo Cards, I may be getting easier to spot.

I'll be with my buddies Erin and Diana and two adorable little dark haired girls.

On Sat, I'll be sporting my Collins.

And Sunday's looking like Mulled Cider, formerly known as the tweedy leafy coat jacket.

Find me and I'll give you a paper drink umbrella when you check off your square!

Because, yes, I carry them around.


Zonda said...

Fresh apples! Yum! Interesting drink, may have to try it with another mixer though (sorry don't like the gin ;)

Mulled Cider, great name!!

Renee said...

Love apple season. Mulled Cider is a super name for your knit.

Whine, whine - I wanna go to Rhinebeck.... will be thinking of you and your little umbrellas. ;)

At Home Mommy Knits said...

The drink looks fantastic (I love me a good gin and tonic) and sniff, sniff, I won't be at Rhinebeck but hope you have a blast!!

Turtle said...

lol at the bingo umbrella! mmm, going to try the apple g& t! (love a good g&t) been nibbleing on mac's and cheddar, much to the scales pleasure!

Meganne Fabrega said...

I can't wait for my you there! Don't forget about making chutney with those apples...

Kym said...

Now those are sweaters I wouldn't want to miss! Have a great time!

Rose said...

I can't wait to meet you on Saturday and check out Collins. How fabulous a design and name!
You're on my Bingo page!

Hilary said...

Have FUN!!! And all those apple treats sound so delish! Especially the cocktail...mmm, cocktails (of which I can have NONE for the next 5 for me).

KatJobson said...

I love your mulled cider jacket, gorgeous I tell you. I'm all over the Lemon Apple gin & tonic. I love gin & tonic and that sounds fabulous. Thank you thank you.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous Designs! I still have hope to knit Nantucket Red - saved the yarn and everything - I'm now almost 30 lbs lighter and can knit a size smaller (at least!).