Monday, October 25, 2010

Since Rhinebeck, I've had much to do away from the screen and a rise in the amount of stuff to do ON the screen, so I'll apologize in advance. Things will even out soon. I am a bad commenter, emailer, responder, etc. But October in New England has always been a month to cram stuff in as the leaves change and the weather stays nice., and I've been cramming.

Here's a little recap of my week since Rhinebeck.

Monday, I shopped, did laundry, put away my new stuff, and managed to do all the other crap that didn't happen on the weekend while I was in NY State.

Tuesday's my day to volunteer at the elementary school, after which 4 kids came over for the afternoon. I got a few emails sent and might have even read a blog. Maybe.

And Wednesday?

Maya informed me that I was a chaperone for the sixth grade's big trip to the Mega Corn Maze. News to me, but hey. At least I had good company. ( You may recognize Amy from previous posts - she's one of my Wednesday knitters, now with a daughter in M's class).

Here was my little team.

And here's a portion of the 10 acre maze. Imagine it full of hundreds of 11 and 12 year olds, which is an awesome sight, and makes for a hilarious day. Our little team finished in 1.5 hours, putting us solidly in the middle. Way to go.

I knit striped legwarmers in the car on the way there and back.


Thursday, I started the pattern for the Mulled Cider sweater coat while they were in school, and then celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary with Craig at Zoe's 1st grade Open House that night. Afterwards, we had a bottle of champagne, as we should.

Friday, I finished writing the Mulled Cider pattern, helped with the school book fair and shopped for Halloween duds. Then we made cookies.

Saturday, we were off to King Richard's Faire. And for the first time ever, we rented costumes. You haven't lived until you've had 5 oblivious pre teen girls in the costume hut at a crowded fair, in front of the mirrors, for an hour. And that's before they helped ME find an outfit.

They met lovely people.

Then they made sure I met lovely people. Look at the charming knitter they found for my photo opp. They insisted I introduce myself and sit for a spell. Because they are funny kids.

I'm betting you don't even notice the project in her lap, right? Because, yeah, you might be distracted. Good thing those shoelaces were sturdy.

Luckily, we had our choice of beverages all day.

Lastly, on Sunday, I sat at a rainy soccer game, did the shopping, and got a new cellphone so that the next time Amy leaves me a message on Sunday, I may get it before Tuesday.

And then, finally, I sat down to play with my SHELTER.

with a glass of wine from the wine fairy.


Seanna Lea said...

So much architecture your knitting companion at KRF has! I bet that makes for a lot of short rows.

Hilary said...

Wow...with all that's going on, I still think you're a great blogger/emailer/commenter! Much better than I am, that's for sure.

Looks like a lot of fun stuff going on! I have always wanted to rent a costume at a Renaissance Faire (though I haven't been since high school)...that looks awesome. And no, I did not notice the knitting in that gal's lap...wowza.

Happy anniversary to you and Craig!

Kym said...

Lots of good stuff going on in your life! Enjoy every moment! :-)

diana said...

I love how excited M looks in the photo where she finished the corn maze!

yoel said...

Your kids look like they had a blast. As for your new knitting friend, I guess she can knit without looking at her knitting!

QuiltedSimple said...

You've been busy....happy anniversary! Our 15th is here on the 28th....time flies, doesn't it? As for your new knitting friend - YIKES! Lol
PS - I wore my Collins today - LOVE IT!!!!! Now to just get pictures......

Zonda said...

Whew..ok, I'm tired just reading it! Interesting knitter there for sure ;)

Patty said...

Life is good Thea! Can't wait to see the coat.

janna said...

Happy Anniversary! And I think you'll need to size your patterns up a bit more if your new friend is going to knit one of your designs!

Carol said...

Happy anniversary!! And no, I totally didn't notice her project.

Kathleen said...

You have been a very busy lady! Happy Anniversary - we just celebrated our second on Sunday (after seven years together and 12 years apart). How are you liking Shelter? It's on my to-acquire list after I knit down some more stash.

And what did you have to drink at the Faire? I would have such a hard time choosing, since I love champagne *and* hard cider.

Kristen said...

This post made me smile! You had such a busy weekend, but fun busy, (I just don't want to be that busy anymore!) I am so glad the wine fairy visited you at the end. Happy anniversary!