Monday, October 18, 2010

Even without the yarn festival, driving out to the country is awesome. Stuff you just don't see in the big city, right?

But when you throw in just about every knitter you've ever met or read or heard about online, and create a big shopping/knitting/eating/drinking playground for us, it makes for a pretty amazing weekend.

There is nothing cooler than meeting the folks you talk to All The Time in person!
This would be me and Sarah, my plucky knitting partner!

Seeing a few of your patterns out in the world is also kind of amazing, and never has happened to me before. I'm only showing a little of this one, since it's not offically out yet ;-)


I'll leave most the Rhinebeck photos to the people who take the good ones, and say that it was a great weekend. I had an incredible time meeting so many of you, seeing a a ton of new faces, and making new friends. I spent time with the Boston knitters who I love and unexplicably never do see here at home (but yes, we'll be better this year!), and I got some vacation time with my usual buddies, away from home. I even managed to wander around alone for a bit, which seems never to happen in real life and was a complete and total treat.

But now, the burbon's gone, the laundry's in and the new yarn is incubating upstairs.
It's time to get back to real life.

With that in mind, here's Collins, as promised.

I wore it all day on Sat, and changed only when it was time to setup for the Rav party in the late afternoon. The ties don't lend themselves to table and chair setup and cupcake table assembly, but they they did stay closed and tied all day at the fair, so I'm good. Thanks to everyone who approached me with comments and compliments on it, as you guys made my day!

This pattern is a twist on the classic aran cardigan. I think it's a little more fun and modern than a buttoned sweater, and I have been dying to throw it on with boots and jeans ever since I began messing with it two years ago! Tweedy aran yarn, long vertical cables, and a deep V.

More notes and pics are on the pattern page, since I know you're all scrolling around for Rhinebeck photos and barely reading anymore :-). Instead, I leave you with the cocktail.


You need a tall glass for this one - 8 oz is good

Pour in 2 oz of either gin or vodka.

Add equal parts lemon juice and simple syrup

Add ice cubes

fill remainder of glass with club soda and drink!


Now you can go and find all those photos you're dying to see from the fair.

PS. These photos are, as always, taken by the lovely Caro of Splityarn - all copyrighty 2010.
I'll be waiting to peruse her Rhinebeck flickr set when it pops up!


Rebecca said...

Glad you had a good time at Rhinebeck...will get there someday ( sigh...)
The Collins is lovely - any thoughts for an alternate closing - button maybe?...I love the cables and the neckline - but I think those ties might get in the way, big the blog thanks for sharing!

Thea said...


you could just leave the tie off and add a few buttonholes down at the bottom of the collar instead, like you would a traditional shawl collar cardigan. Instead of leaving the stitches down there on the tie side, and making that side wider, you'd then bind off both sides together so they are the same width.

Renee said...

looks like gorgeous weather for Rhinebeck too!
Great Collins. Oh dang, my growing queue...

Kelly-ann said...

LOVE your sweater - definitely worth the 2 years you put into it!

Laurie said...

It was great to see you. I snagged a picture of you outside of Barn A that I will post. (It's truly a snagged picture, but it tells the knitting story.) Yeah, you and Amy are KILLING my queue.

Hilary said...

First of all..."No heads, no hooves"...ha! Definitely not the city anymore.

Rhinebeck looks like it was a *wonderful* time! And you had the perfect fab sweater to accompany you!

yoel said...

That's a gorgeous sweater pattern--a great twist on a cabled cardi. Sounds like it was a wonderful vacation!

Kristen said...

Such envy over Rhinebeck and love that sweater! You are so talented!

About that first picture, at first I thought it said Deer Rides...yikes.

diana said...

We had the best time hanging out with you. And Lily definitely wants a playdate with Z soon!

carolyn said...

hey thea,
in hopes of finding your phone number (to tell you that margaret got a part in the school play and so we had to change skating lessons to saturday)- i googled thea and knitting and found your blog. your site is just beautiful! i spent a whole lot of time wondering around - enjoying your photos, knitting and thoughts.

so, we won't see you on mondays. margaret misses maya's company on the ice... maybe we will meet again in the bleachers - if not lets plan a time to get together. carolyn!

Thea said...

Hi Carolyn!

I'll tell Maya - maybe the girls can meet up and skate at a free skate one time? You can email me at and then I'll have your email to get back to you. Hope Margaret has fun in the play!

Thanks, me

Seanna Lea said...

Someday I will get to Rhinebeck again. I always feel a pang of jealousy when I see all of the fun photos even though I am certainly not hurting for yarn!