Thursday, November 25, 2010

Very appropriate pilgrim beer, made in Plymouth MA. (It's after noon, right?)

And TWO kinds of stuffing, because one just isn't enough.

Hope you are having a great holiday!


Which I made while boiling water for second batch of polenta. First ended up face down on the floor. Big crash. Swear word yelled. People came in to see what fuckup had occured, hoping it wasn't turkey. My daughter sat there, looked at the polenta -coated floor, then back up up at me, and said "I'm SOO bored, Mom". Seriously.

That's what 11 looks like, oh friends with little girls. Oh yes. She then went back to the fireplace to read while we stood there dumbfounded. So, yeah, Diana and Carol and Erin - and the rest of you with adorable little daughters, make one of these:

1.5 oz calvados apple brandy
5ish oz cranberry juice
2 oz soda
squeeze lemon
add ice cubes

It'll go well with the New Round of Fried Polenta Squares with Apple and Sausage.

Maybe tomorrow I'll make Maya scrub the kitchen floor, just for fun :-)


Kathy said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Thea!

janna said...

I would have been oh-so-tempted to say, "Here - clean this up, you won't be bored anymore!"

Happy Thanksgiving, anyway!

Lisa/knitnzu said...

TOTALLY make her scrub the floor, and you should make yourself a cocktail while she's doing it.

At about 9 am I dropped the whole bowl of freshly made bar nuts (roasted nuts, butter, brown sugar, kosher salt, cayenne, & fresh chop rosemary, OMG SO GOOD)... the whole bowl, ALL over the floor. We have two dogs. I don't wash the floor that much. Because we have two dogs. Nonetheless, handy dandy spatula, and back into the bowl went the nuts. Sans hair. DH says the floor was vac'd last night, so I brought the nuts out with us today anyhow!

Zonda said...

Dropping stuff on the floor must have been in the cards today. Thankfully it was my cup of the day. The boredness doesn't change when they are 16 either ;)...ooops probably shouldn't have told you that LOL!

diana said...

I think scrubbing the floor is just the thing she needs to relieve boredom. (and dear god, 11 is not that far away for Lily).

Kym said...

Love the beer! Happy Thanksgiving, Thea! Hope you had a wonderful day.

Hilary said...

Ah yes, I remember those days. It's a wonder my parents didn't ship me off somewhere...I was SUCH a snot from ~ages 11-17, especially to my poor father! Anyway, everything in this post sounds so delicious! The polenta w. apple and sausage, WHOA. Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

Laurie said...

Amazing they ever reach adulthood. I don't remember ever being that snarky or that useless.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Have to admit to slavering over your SHELTER cables.

Mad For Knit said...

Oh I'm already getting a taste of the attitude to come. She's off at a birthday party today so I'm casting on the Cape!!!

Lisa said...

Oh boy. Mine's 10 and I can already see something like that happening. Definitely make her scrub the floor :)!

I'll have to go out and buy some apple brandy.

Kathleen said...

The good thing about traveling for Thanksgiving is that no one expected me to cook :) One of my favorite parts of living in Massachusetts was that people thought two kinds of stuffing was completely normal - I adore stuffing and added a yummy oyster one when I lived in Boston. And that cocktail sounds delicious - I learned to love Calvados hanging out on the Cape many moons ago.

Now you know much more about me :)