Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So why does my kitchen island look like this?

I'm pretty happy down here today. Completely spread out, too. In this pile are 3 projects, two notebooks, calculator, and a pile of stitch dictionaries.

Pandora's hooked up to the stereo on like 11, and I'm thinking I might need to run out to buy a Sarah Bareilles CD later today. We have an Amy Winehouse station set and playing -- and it keeps rotating all these amazing artists in that I'm just loving. A half pop, half 40s kind of sound. In fact, I have a little row of new music titles for my Hanukkah list (ahem, Craig) running on the side of the sketch pad, thanks to this very Pandora station.

Coffee's nearby, the light's good, and I'll have to come back down in an hour for lunch anyways, right? Staying put. And, thanks to the current setup, I'm almost done with this.

I did have a few false starts and stops, but this time it's going to stick. And now, I can vouch for the frogging and reknitting properties of the SHELTER. (yep, SHELTER in all CAPS - which is total marketing genius on their part) This stuff''s a dream. All I have left is a little ribbing down below and the sleeves, and then I just might miss the stuff and have to get a little more. Or a lot.

But before I get to knit more tweed, I have this project in the wings, to be picked up next.

It's a mix of DK weight merino and sock yarn. Something I was asked to do LAST YEAR, an am finally getting back around to. It's due in Jan, so I'm thinking I'll slide in just under the wire.

As for drinks, it's been a quiet week. There's been red wine, a few gin and tonics, and a couple of those whiskey drinks from my new book. Dinner with friends a few times and a busy weekend mucks up the experimental booze works, doesn't it?

Tonight might be a good night to try something different tonight. I'm thinking of mixing the Calvados with a little cider and lemon juice. Maybe something else. Will let you know if it's worth sharing!


Hilary said...

Haha...sadly, my office, living room coffee table, and dining table *all* look like that. Seriously, it's like the knitting fairy threw up all over the condo...but it's made for a couple of very productive weeks! The project is looking gorgeous (awesome cable design, as usual), and what is that AWESOME combo of DK and sock yarn going to be?? I'm intrigued!

JoAnn said...

Beautiful cable pattern. I'm happy to hear people like knitting with SHELTER; would love to try it sometime. Your kitchen looks very cozy to work in :)

At Home Mommy Knits said...

I have an office as well but sometimes I'm just more comfortable in other areas of the house and they get taken over :). Love the cables on that pattern, can't wait to see it when it's done.

Seanna Lea said...

I really want to try Shelter. I am waiting for it to be available more locally, because while I order yarn online all of the time I want to touch this one first. Go figure.

yoel said...

I don't know what it is, but I LOVE the yellow/gray thing you're working on!