Monday, November 22, 2010

My bottle of Campari was a waste of $30.

It's the right color for the capelet I was working on, but there is nothing I can mix with this to make it yummy. No - thing. I am officially giving up and going back to the pomegranate and cranberry route for the project. And if any of you peeps who know me and live nearby DO like Campari, just let me know and you can have my poor unloved bottle for your own.

On a WAAAY more positive note, the holidays aren't even here yet and I'm getting fabulous treats in the mail! I got two packages in two days. And we all know few things are more fun than treats in the mail, right?

First, this lovely bag from Jen at YarnPlayCafe, which I WON on her blog. I never win anything, so I'm totally basking in the glory of being the Winner. It's an awesome bag - made of a heavy canvas. It's the perfect size, and a really great brown color. I know my next project will be traveling around in this puppy. If you like it, she's got lots more in her shop..... they say all different knitterly things, and they come in a few colors -- in case you're wondering.

The second treat I came home to was this box of Skinny Cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas. The color is called birch, and it's an amazing deep rich shade of cream. Is it weird to say deep and rich and cream in the same description and not be talking about food? Maybe, but it is, and the soft cotton is absolutely perfect for a summer top idea I'm playing around with lately. It's just the tiniest bit sheeny, and a little rustic, and very soft.

I can hardly wait to get going on it, although it's crazy to be working on summer when I'm also brining a turkey and making cranberry sauce, isn't it? The cold weather hasn't even really arrived over here in Massachusetts. So, in the meantime, I have a deep, rich cream WINTER cardigan on the way. The testers are all done and it's about ready to go.

This is called Egg Nog, and it'll be up just in time for Hanukkah, sometime next week.
(See - blue and white photos = Hanukkah!)

I'm working on a few different Hanukkah Egg Nog Recipes and I might post one each night, if I can come up with 8. Just don't have it with the brisket, because that wouldn't be kosher. Instead, save it to drink with the kugel and the latkes and the honey cookies, or maybe just on it's own as a snack while you watch all the Holiday TV Specials.


Tante J said...

Eggnog looks spectacular!

yoel said...

Very pretty goodies!

Try the campari in a granita or sorbet.

theotherSarah said...

I'm afraid the only way to drink Campari is with soda, ready mixed in little bottles, in Italy ;-)

Dorothea said...

Did you try "Campari Orange"?
It's just orange juice (as much as you like) with campari and a slice of orange.

Anonymous said...

OK, Campari -
Wait until it's HOT outside.
Ice cubes, Campari and soda (in about the same proportions as gin and tonic), slice of orange.
The most refreshing drink on the planet.
That said, like everything else, a matter of taste - some think it tastes like cough mixture - but do give it a try.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the suggestions!
No one's claimed it, so maybe I'll try again - when it's hot out as Anon said.

Anything cold is that much better in 90 degrees...

Seanna Lea said...

I love eggnog. If you are having a hard time coming up with 8 ways to use eggnog, I am more than happy to help!

Mad For Knit said...

I have 2 awesome recipes. First 1/3 parts of campari, blood orange juice and cranberry. That's called a Seasonal Breeze. Second, pomegranate liqueur topped up with champagne or prosecco. Can't remember the name for that one but it's really good.

Hilary said...

Hmm...can't help you with the Campari, but a cranberry and/or pomegranate cocktail sounds pretty tasty. Egg Nog is such a cool design!! (and one of my favorite drinks, too..mmm...)

Patty said...

Yummmm eggnog. Happy Thanksgiving!

janna said...

Hey, I bought one of those bags, but mine is green with a black "knit"! Love it!

Olivia said...

An even better drink for that perfect color is vodka and black current simple syrup. Shaken and poured into a glass with one blackberry. YUM!