Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm no seamstress. Paying attention might help, you think?

With wear, my little twisted toggles had stretched out a little, and poor Mulled Cider wasn't looking as fastened as it had in the beginning, so I made new ones on smaller needles, to see if they wouldn't prove a bit more resilient in their obviously stressful job of holding the cardigan shut. An experiment that should lead to a more fabulous pattern for you guys. And one that should have been pretty easy to do properly.

But, um... yeah. The button's over there, isn't it? All is well now, and the new toggles are twisted, in the proper spots, & sewed down. And because I live in a land of mockery, I've spent the last 24 hours reminded by my lovely family that I'm the same woman who ironed the table and knit the fronts backwards to begin with.

However, some things DO go as planned and I manage to stay engaged the whole time.

I used 6 skeins of my 8, and the SHELTER project is all done and ready to get written. Look for this one in late Jan/early Feb. For now, a little teaser is all you get, sorry! I am not so sure what kind of drink light blue tweed calls for, but I have time to figure it out, right?

So, for the next few weeks, I'm going to go on an accessory binge. Besides mittens, I am excited about making a Shoormal, from the Shetland Trader. (and YAY, as I'll be following a pattern, instead of writing one.) I have been dying for one ever since Julia wore hers around Rhinebeck. Two bags of bulky yarn are in the wings for that - and a choice will be made between solid deep gray or a Rowan tweed with blues and grays and a bit o yellow.

Plus, my entire family picked out hat yarn in July for their winter hats, which I have not yet touched. Today, as Zoe's hat slid up her head because it was too small, and Maya turned her nose up at all the stripey ones from last year (guessing that trend's so over?) I remembered the little pack of skeins we bought. Ooops. But the holidays will be a good time for some small projects, perfect little spurts of commitment between other things, right?

On that Calvados drink idea from my last post, no. Did not work out.

Instead, I ended up with ginger ale, dark rum and a slice of lime on ice.


nestra said...

Grapefruit juice and blue curacao? with some vodka? A twist on a greyhound maybe.

Hilary said...

I couldn't help but lol because that's SO something I would do. And my husband would remind me about it every five minutes, too! I think this is the perfect time of year for knitting accessories. Like you said, little spurts of commitment between other things. I have GOT to finish this big project I'm working on so I can knit some accessories, too! I'm craving something that takes less than three weeks to make.

Chris said...

Yay! I'm not the only one who does stuff like that!:) How I wish I could be knitting accessories right now. Love the cable in Shelter!

Seanna Lea said...

I'm with nestra. I love blue curacao, but I love anything with funny colors. Maybe blue curacao with something other than a citrus though. That is pretty easy to find.

Mad For Knit said...

My 2 cents is for Shoormal in the gray if it's a bit drapey. I can't see Rowan tweed softening out enough for a scarf but I like the idea of a tweedy scarf. Does that make sense?

Turtle said...

i think your almost ready for a good old spiced rum and egg nog! love the fiberporn!

Kathleen said...

Isn't it nice to follow someone else's pattern sometimes? I'm working on stuff for the kids' school craft fair, so it's all really straightforward. Can't wait to get back to something sort of time-consuming and complicated :)