Friday, November 05, 2010

Check these two out. I imagine they have English accents.

One of them has a crazy long pipe in his hand, and is leaning on the bar behind him. They both have overactive cowlicks and are wearing houndstooth suits. There's an actual wall behind them, with wood paneled squares and it has a horse painting on one side and 3 mugs on hooks hanging on the other. I get the distinct impression they're either in a Gentleman's Club or on some Estate after a day with the hounds.

What do you think they're saying?? in their accents, of course.

These are the latest addition to my vintage glassware collection, and they're even more special because they were a gift from Stitchy McYarnpants, who knows her kitsch!

The content around here has been a little heavy on the yarn and light on the cocktails, so I figured it's a perfect day to take a break from knitting photos and add a Martini recipe to the mix, for no reason other than that's what these glasses are calling for.


2.5 oz gin or vodka
.5 dry veromouth
1 green olive or a lemon twist
dash of bitters

You can make a martini stirred - add the ingredients into a glass with ice, stir and strain into your glass.

or shaken -add the ingredients into a jigger with ice, shake, and strain.

You can make a gibson by replacing the olive with a cocktail onion.

A perfect martini has equal parts dry and sweet vermouth.

And a dirty martini has a bit of olive brine poured into it.

Have a great weekend and let me know your martini preference!
(I like gin, with the lemon peel and olive, a little dirty)


janna said...

Vodka martinis for me, with a twist of lemon. Well, that's what I used to drink until I had WAY too many of them one night...

Chris said...

As soon as I saw the glasses I thought
"I say Old Chap..."
So, since you asked-
"I say Old Chap. Bully to us."

I like 'em Dirty. Thank you for asking. :)

Mini said...

i prefer a martini with some acid: like lemon juice.

I was thinking their conversation was

"cheerio! the hounds did chase that fox right well, didn't they?"

"I say, old man, could you light my cigar?"

:) K

KatJobson said...

Marti's are always my favorite, Vodka ice cold, fabulous. For dessert a chocolate marti Yummy. Thanks for the recipe.

Batty said...

I know what they're saying.
"Cheers! We did a great job hiding Batty's Malabrigo!"
"Yes, we did. Good work."

Off to get me a vodka martini before doing more stash diving.

Dreamin Diva said...

Love me a 'dirty' martini, but even more in love with your patterns. Currently working on a Short Lucky in handspun Gotland and just began a Cassis. Omigod happy! ~Elly

Hilary said...

Haha! They *so* have British accents. I feel like they're talking about the stock market or something like that...definitely something "gentlemanly".

Firefly said...

Great glasses!
I'm a gin with extra olives (even a little dirty ;) martini girl. Loving Hendrick's gin these days. However, as we all know, too much can make for funny mittens ;).

Kym said...

So love the glasses! What fun!

Anonymous said...

Melissa and I have a weakness for little juice glasses with pictures. My favorites are two that depict pairs of toy and real baby animals with each other—the wooden duck on wheels with a duckling, etc. We always check the glassware in thrift/antique shops.

DonnaC said...

Beefeaters, a little dry and a little dirty.