Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Introducing Egg Nog. This cardigan is all about options.
It's the perfect Hanukkah pattern, because you can wear it 8 different ways!

Flowy and open, pinned high in front, pinned low, up on the shoulder, across the body, belted, pinned to lie flat or pinned to drape down. I brought it to a trunk show a while back and had the best time watching the other knitters play with it! We had a whole room of women - all ages and sizes - and each one had a new way to wear this cardigan that suited them.

Here's my go-to. Side pin, little overlap below.

Being short and curvy, this minimizes the extra fabric, still giving me a little drape, and keeps the line nice and high.


Pinning it on the side with a little overlap also keeps things kind of structured.
And gives me a lovely V neck for the smocky edge.


For a little variation on the theme, it's still pinned high here for the boatneck effect, but the drapey bit is pinned so it remains loose and visible.


Even looser, (and admittedly not my most flattering option), a pin in the center front, making a cool V shape. This looked awesome on someone else, with a tall, straight figure and a smaller bust. I still love how it looks, but maybe not so much on me. I need a little more waist.

Am guessing you've got the idea on the options. Check out my test knitters' project pages once they all post and see some more options. I love Abby's belted pics!


Meanwile, I'll move on to specifics:

It's knit from the top down, with a smocked detail along the edges. This detail either serves as a neckline border or lines the cardigan fronts, depending on what you're doing with it.

And although the ends are long, the cardigan itself is cropped, with a little shaping in the body to keep things balanced and to let your waist and figure peek out below. Anyone curvy or busty will appreciate this proportion -- it keeps the flowy fabric from being overwhelming, even when it's worn open or pinned to drape freely.

The pattern is written for Berroco's Ultra Alpaca, one of my all time favorite yarns. It's soft and warm without being too heavy, comes in amazing colors, and has the perfect amount of drape for all the things you want this guy to do. Plus, I'm betting about half of you have it in stash already!

It's written in 4 sizes from S (32-26) to XL (50-52) and takes 800-1100 yds of yarn.

Gauge and other specifics are on the Ravelry page.


Instead of boring you with the specifics here I'll move on to the drink.

Just like the cardigan, there are a ton of ways to have your Egg Nog.
(See my theme? I am so proud.)

Here's Hanukkah Egg Nog Recipe #1.
I do have 8, so keep checking back for the rest :-)

#1 - Cider Apple Nog

2 oz Calvados apple brandy
1 oz apple cider
6 oz egg nog
sprinkle of nutmeg


#2 - Orangey Rum Nog

2 oz of dark rum
1 oz of an orange mix juice - we had a gallon of Paul Newman's Orange Mango Tango
6 oz of egg nog
shot of lemon juice
passed on the nutmeg


#3 Baltimore Egg Nog
(this is from my Esquire Drink Book, and adapted down for a single serving)

1 oz dark rum
1 oz apricot or peach brandy
6 oz of egg nog
sprinkle of nutmeg
(am thinking this one will be very sweet, so also two shots of lemon juice)

#4 Russian Egg Nog

1 oz vodka
1 oz coffee liqueur
2 oz egg nog

#5 Breakfast Egg Nog
(yep,that's what it's called. And it's for a punch quantity. Go figure)

32 oz egg nog
10 oz Apricot Brandy
2.5 oz Triple Sec
sprinkle with egg nog

You better invite friends over for this one. And make French toast.

....which reminds me that my stepmother in law makes Egg Nog French Toast.
Pour a little nog in with the eggs and cinnamon for dipping the bread in.
It's awesome with the maple syrup.

I'm still unsure about the punch for breakfast with it.


#6 Nashville Style

I am sooo running out of recipes here.

.5 oz dark rum
.5 oz brandy
1 oz burbon
fill remainder of cup with egg nog
top with nutmeg and add one clove.

They say to serve this as dessert!
#7 Mixed Brandy Egg Nog

this one has to be made as a punch, as it has so many things in it!

1 pint of dark rum
1/2 pint of peach brandy
1/2 pint of apple brandy
1/5 a bottle of cognac
2 tbs of lemon juice

Add 3 gallons of egg nog, or as much or adjust to your preferred strength :-)


Thanks to a suggestion from JeanEldred!

1 oz amaretto
1 oz vodka
fill remainder of mug with egg nog
top with nutmeg

(why are they ALL topped with nutmeg?)

I will have no more eggnog till next year.


PS. As always, these photos are by the lovely and talented Caro Sheridan, and copyrighted 2010 Splityarn.


Jody said...

you just keep amazing us!!!! Beautiful work, totally inspiring

gigi knits said...

I have waiting for this pattern..Thank You!!!!!

Seanna Lea said...

I don't have apple brandy, but I will have to try that with regular brandy and split it with my husband (because I'm a light weight who isn't supposed to be drinking). We have all of the other ingredients!

Turtle said...

The sweater looks great! I am closer to finishing nantucket, keep getting sidetracked with family and projects. I have SO been craving eggnog and a good spiced dark rum the last few days... of course hubby just texts me that he's sitting in line for the ferry to Victoria BC drinking an eggnog shake.... I may have to splurge on the calories soon!Especially after your visual photo

Kym said...

I think that maybe egg nog (in nearly any form!) is one of the best things about the holiday season. Happy Hanukkah!

Dale L. Houston (Dirk Humblejunk; Mr. NJStacie) said...

I made the Baltimore tonight. YUM. Also, nice knittin'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dale!! Thea

Norma said...

I love these photos! I need Caro to take MY photos!!!!! Awesome, you two!

yodafatkitty said...

Great pattern. Love the variations.

Renee said...

so versatile!

Hilary said...

What a beautiful design! I love the versatility (the boatneck versions might be my favorite) and the smocking detail. Love that you have 8 egg nog recipes, too! I might have to try the egg nog french toast, mmmm...