Monday, December 13, 2010

Around here, the pattern prep doesn't end with the knitting and the writing and the pics.

Everything needs a drink, right? And really, I do try and find something that kind of fits each pattern - at least something that feels to me like if fits with the pattern.

Some designs lend themselves quite nicely to a theme, like this little cranberry Plucky project, which after a false Campari-themed start, was easy to peg. It's coming to you later this week with a festive cranberry holiday cocktail. Very timely and matchy, so that one was easy.

Others are a little tougher.

"Tougher" being solely about the difficulty of the drink match and in NO way a reflection on my feelings for the sweater below, as I love love love this one. It's coming after the New Year. And that's all I'll say about it for now ;- Except that it's in sore need of a drink/name.

Seriously, what's wintery and warm and somehow fits this guy?

Coffee, hot chocolate, cozy fireplace-y stuff, right? I've spent an entire week throwing names and recipes together around here to no avail. Mint has been vetoed, because I've been told it's too green. Bombay Sapphire, too summery. Blueberry not it. Anything cold really not tweedy enough. (Because, apparently, drinks can be tweedy.) And I have to agree with the peanut gallery. So, I'm leaning towards coffee combinations.

On the bright side, complete indecision allowed for a little inventory taking on the liquor situation. This shot shows part of the re-org. It turns out we have quite the random array of crap in the cabinet. Seriously, how often do I need the watermelon schnapps? Log Cabin maple liqueur? That scary flavored Malibu rum? But whenever I do decide I need it, it's all there. Including lots of my Grandpa Irving's collection of untouched 1956 faves, inherited last year.

But still, nothing that matches tweed. Amazing.


In the meantime, I've cast on for another holiday project. I'm three rows into Hawthorne, from Twist. Am thinking there's something to these wrappy shawl/scarves, as I've been wearing my Aestlight tons, tucked into the collar of my winter coat. I figure Hawthorne will take me through a little holiday travel and a few days with the family - and I'll be able to rotate TWO little shawly things into my winter wardrobe.


The sweater shots are Caro's. She came by last week, and I have lots!
Copyright 2010 Splityarn.


Dani said...

What about an After Eight?

1oz whipping cream
1oz half and half cream
1oz creme de menthe
1oz creme de cacao

Shake with ice and enjoy! Minty, but not green! I love this one all winter long

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Or Harvey Wallbanger (my personal fave).

Anonymous said...

Maybe something with Bailey's Irish Cream? Somehow that makes me think of tweed.

Dorothy said...
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Joyce Laurie said...

Drambui has always said winter and tweed to me. Spelling is off, I think, maybe an "e" on the end.

Jenn said...

Something with Irish whiskey, maybe? Tea and Bushmills Black? Coffee & Bailey's?-nah, too smooth, I think.

Shelly said...

Iron Butterfly??

Equal parts of:

Served over ice....meant to be consumed s l o w l y.

Joanna said...

Brandy Alexander! It was my great-aunt's favorite and I recently discovered why - yum! And a warm brandy nightcap is awesome on a chilly winter night - warm milk, brandy and a little powdered sugar (or equally fab with warm milk, Kahlua, powdered sugar and a dash of cinnamon).

Danielle said...

Irish Winter?

Fireside Sipper?

Ginger Frost?

Penny said...

I'm thinking a mocha with Blue Raspberry schnapps.

Anonymous said...

Scotch and tweed are linked in my mind...So, how about a "Brainstorm" drink:
2 oz Scotch whisky
1/2 oz benedictine herbal liqueur
1 tsp sweet vermouth

Colleen said...

Ooh, brandy alexander!

The design on the front makes me think of vines and brambles. Not that the comment is very helpful.

choo choo knits said...

I tweeted "Absinthe" :o)

Rebecca said...

Hot toddy...buttered rum...both make me think warm and tweedy and cabled...can't wait to see what you choose...enjoy your blog much-ly, especially since I'm in Salem MA - not far from could also start thinking about tavern-y names...we have some fun ones in town - In A Pig's Eye, Rockafella's, The Old Spot, etc

Patty said...

I like the Irish Whiskey theme. Love the Cranberry - want it soon! I'm 10 rows into Hawthorne. Those are some mighty long rows. And the Side Car recipe - purchasing the Cointreau on the way home. Boy does that sound yummy! Thea, what would we do without you!

Seanna Lea said...

I definitely like brandy as a drink, but I haven't really had it outside of eggnog.

I just add kahlua to my hot chocolate (not swiss miss, because it isn't chocolately enough to compete with the kahlua). I'm not sure it is tweedy, but it is warm and snuggly.

Anonymous said...

How about an "Irish flag"?

Two parts Green Creme de Menthe
Two parts Bailey's
One part Brandy
Put the Creme de menthe, Bailey's and Brandy in a shot glass.

The Irish part sounds tweedy, and creamy liquor sounds like winter to me. Don´t have a clue whether it tastes good or not... ;-)
The sweater looks super cozy, I would love to have/make one!

Dreamin Diva said...

I'm thinking Pernod: simple, yummy and damn, haven't had it for ages!

yodafatkitty said...

hmmmm, the first thing I thought of was 'grey goose'.
After that, I dunno...'fire'?
All I can say is now I have something to look forward to in January!

Laurie said...

Hoo boy I am LOVING your commenters. I vote for Brandy Alexander as tweedish. Or something with Kahlua.

Thea said...

You guys are AWESOME!!

I love all the ideas, and I'm writing them down for this or the next design....


janna said...

No good ideas for a sweater drink/name, but I had to say I love that cranberry color!

yoel said...

Tom Collins sounds like a tweedy fellow with a bow tie, IMHO.

Or, something with grey goose?

Your blog makes me want to drink more... :)

Ellen said...

Tweed makes me think texture. I wonder if there's a pulpy juice that's not too summery ... or maybe a garnish that brings texture, like toffee or shaved chocolate. Beautiful hem, excited to see the rest!

Tonia 2000 said...

Hmmm...I like the Irish Whiskey theme. What about Irish Tea? Hot tea and Irish Whiskey with a drop of honey. Delicious, tweedy and warm. Perfect for a wintery day.

Dorothy said...

I'm thinking Blue Curacao, Meyers Dark rum, hot tea and a bit of cream. If you tried to layer it and gently put the straw in it would look perfect or using curacao as a floater and it would taste like a hot toddy with cream and maybe a bite to it.