Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thank you so much for all of your suggestions for the light blue tweed design. I have written 'em down and will definitely take some time to try the drinks you all suggested in the next few weeks. Luckily, I have time to play and think and sample while the test knitters knit.

In the meantime, other drink research has moved to the top of the to do list.

These are the two top contending recipes for the Cranberry Capelet. We're debating between a burbon or a dark rum option, and both are pretty different from one another, so it's one of those "depends what you like" scenarios where the jury's split down the middle. Once Craig shows up at home tonight (or if I bribe a friend or two to ignore their children around dinnertime), a decision will be made and I will share the winner AND the pattern with you guys tomorrow.

In other non-committal, pre-holiday news is this scary little pile of swatches.

It's looking like a crazy spaghetti yarn fest, and I'm afraid it's going to get worse before it gets better. I'm not loving anything yet, and this is only a teeny bit of the swatchhpile tha's been growing around here. I'll blame it partially on a scattered attention span as the rest of the holiday festivities approach. Or the fact that I own way too many stitch dictionaries and can't pick a favorite, but so far, nothing seems to want to Grow Up Into A Sweater.

Am thinking I need a chunky hat or something in the background, just so I can have a bit of gratification -- all this partial progress kind of sucks!!

However, I should be a little more lenient. We're through Hanukkah, the Winter Concert (Maya was a soloist in the Select Chorus :-)), a much-loved weekend visitor, Craig's office party, our first middle school dance, coupled with report cards and school conferences -- which meant like a hundred half days between the two kids --- and one weekend of holiday party fun.

Next up are two sets of auditions for two different plays, the 1st grade holiday party, another weekend of parties and dinners, the beginning of school vacation, and a trip down to NJ.

But we just found out we'll be home on Christmas Eve, instead of away as planned.

I'm thinking that means some Chinese food and some actual knitting progress - or an extra 5 swatches for the pile. We'll see how it goes.


Tanya said...

Yeah, cut yourself some slack. You are designing at warp speed, and I want to knit everything all at once!

janna said...

I vote for bourbon over run any day! ;-)

Seanna Lea said...

I will also vote for bourbon. Yum.

I cannot imagine how you get everything done. I have the standard corporate job and no kids (just pets), and I am completely overwhelmed and scattered by the stuff that needs doing.