Sunday, December 26, 2010

One last pattern -- Sidecar Mittens

I've been working on these since Carol asked me to make a pattern for the 2011 Mitten KAL. She gave me plenty of notice, asking back around the time of the 2010 Mitten KAL. I may have swatched this last spring, and my little swatch waited patiently all through the summer and fall, finally getting knit and edited and published, just in time for the this year's NaKnitMitMo.

Honestly, I was very happy for the excuse to design these since I had this shade of Koigu in a bag next to the deep purple skeins of wool forever -- and really, really wanted to knit them into something together. I just had no idea what to make them into, and the idea of splitting them up seemed so wrong. (I'm guessing you all have bags like this in your stash -- sometimes they just look so much prettier in storage when they're matched up nicely.)


Anyways, as most of you may have realized, I tend towards the bigger needles, and so it was the koigu keeping both the yarns in the bag. In the end, this pattern is a sneaky way to get some gorgeous delicate yarn on my hands without having to knit an entire pair of mittens on #2 needles. (Saying sneaky is much better than saying lazy.)

The DK layer uses about 100-125 yds of a solid merino wool on #6 needles. These are knit from one skein of Jo Sharp DK Wool, which may be tough to find, but there are tons of other DK wools that would make fine subs.

The underlayer uses about 50 yds leftover from a skein of Koigu KPPM Painters Pallete, and it was knit on #2 needles. It would be simple to substitute almost any other delicate yarn for this, and instructions are included on how.

I wrote the pattern up in two sizes - small (7" wrist) and large (8" wrist). It has been posted on Raverly for $3, or can be purchased on the sidebar above. And they're easy to get done before January's over, so you'll have time for lots of NaKnitMitMo projects besides these..


The Sidecar you drink is a new fave around here. I figure it's an appropriate name since the delicate yarn is definitely hitching a ride on the DK.

1/2 oz cointreau
2 oz cognac
1 oz lemon juice

Pour ingredients into a shaker about half full of ice.
Shake well and strain into sugar rimmed glass.
Garnish with sliced orange.


Before I close out 2010, however, I just want to thank all you for a truly amazing year.

It's been such a joy to see you knitting up the things I imagine in my attic, and I have loved every minute of it. Thank you so much for allowing me to do what I love, and for all the support and encouragement you have given me along the way. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have fallen into such a wonderful community of women - both my online and my real life knitting peeps -- and it's a little crazy when I realize I have two pointy sticks to thank for bringing all of you into my world, and then again for how you and the knitting have all changed my world so dramatically. Thank you so much!


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

These are great! My grandma was a Sidecar fanatic:)

Turtle said...

nice, on both counts!

Kristin said...

Yay! I'm so excited you posted these! Ever since you posted the teaser a few weeks ago I've been waiting for the pattern. These will be perfect for my mother-in-law who has a birthday on Feb. 25!

I've got some brilliant home-dyed yarn (dyed by my MIL's stepmom, none-the-less) to pair with a bit of leftover Misti Alpaca handpaints sock is going to be gorgeous!

Batty said...

They're stunning! I've only ever knit fingerless mitts, maybe it's time to take the plunge. It's definitely snowy enough for mittens today!

Seanna Lea said...

These sound excellent. I have a hat on the needles now, and I will have to figure out if I can use either of the two yarns in the hat for matching mittens.

Cynthia in NC said...

I love these mittens! Thank you for sharing the pattern. These will be my first mittens, although I have done several "fingerless" ones. Happy New Year to you. I look forward to your future patterns and blog posts.

Hilary said...

Oh dear...I really should be making more baby stuff, but I WANT THESE SO BAD. I am so in love with the pattern at the cuff and the contrasting lining underneath...ack! Thanks a lot, Thea!

jody said...

Happy new year! I love those mittens - I have several single skeins of koigu in colors that I don't want to wear close to my face (but still love). These are perfect for that.

Have a great 2011!