Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You'd think since I'm home for a whole week when we planned to be away, I'd have had a ton of time to blog, and read your blogs, and get caught up. Not so much. However, I've been busy with you guys on my mind, I promise.

Many new projects for spring and late winter - and even next fall - are now underway. I've been messing with yarns, flipping through my notebooks, making plans and swatching. All between the shoveling and sledding, which take longer than you think they will.

SO, now that other things are coming and the beach in the photo above is currently under about 3 feet of snow, it's obviously past time to get this pattern out, isn't it?

Plus, I'm finally organized enough to do so. My testers are finishing up. Final changes and revisions are being made. You'll have your Mulled Cider before the week is out, I promise.

For now, I'll just show you one more pic.
(I've always had old lady hands but, seriously - what's up with that knuckle??? Eeew.)

( aaaand moving on)

Below is my friend Adam. His wife, Gabriella is the original drinking buddy who I have to thank (blame?) for my explan-o Baby Cocktails business and blog title. She was camera shy, so use your imagination. There's a glass in her hand and boots on her feet. She does not have old lady knuckles.

Gabriella is my like-minded parenting buddy who helped me get through the first few years of Zoe's life by agreeing that, yes, a drink would make the pre-bedtime hours go that much faster - and more importantly, by walking down the street to share said drink a few days a week.

(Zoe cried and cried and cried. For years. She thankfully got it all out of her system by 3 and has grown up into a much more reasonable child, but in those first few years, we would have returned her if she had come with a box and a UPS label, like Zappos gives you.)

So anyways, G&A arrived for dinner and the big game on Sunday for dinner, not with a six pack, but with a bag of bottles to make up Burbon Crustas. Our kind of people, right?

Apparently, Adam liked this drink at a restaurant about a year back and Gabriella not only took note, but remembered enough to buy him all the ingredients for the holidays. And he brought them over to serve up a few samples for kickoff.

Burbon, Cherry Heering, orange bitters, and a fancy orange liquor (like cointreau, but not).

You put the following into a jigger with a few ice cubes. These portions are per serving, so multiply as you need to. Shake and strain into a small glass with a lemon-juiced and sugared rim.

According to the cocktail history website, you can put big piece of lemon rind around the rim too, for a classic crusta garnish. Looks very fancy -slip it in the inside, like a citrus liner.

1/2 oz cointreau
1.5 oz burbon
1/2 oz lemon juice
.5 cherry heering (more would make it sweeter if you like)

It might have been easier to bring a six pack, but this was definitely more fun!
Too bad the Patriots lost :-(


Tante J said...

LOVE that shot on the beach!

Zonda said...

Interesting drink! Yikes, I gotta get finished w/D&S as I really am in love now that I've finally seen the front!

Seanna Lea said...

I was definitely sad that the Patriots lost, especially because my FIL is a Steelers (and Penguins) fan and sends some pretty irritating emails during football and hockey season. This drink would definitely have made life easier.

Kathleen said...

I was bummed about the Pats (my adopted hometown team) but glad the Bears won (my original hometown team). Zoe was a tough baby? Isobel (bad reflux) and Penelope (just "colicky") were, too, but they've turned out quite nicely at this point. I used to tell Penelope that she was lucky she was so cute or she'd have gone out the window :)

Turtle said...

yum on the drink! gonna have to try that.

Love the new sweater, can't wait, lol.... you could have teased us even more by giving sizes and yarn yardage needed, smiles!

Patty said...

Another beautiful design Thea!

Kym said...

I don't follow football, so the whole Patriots thing is lost on me. But the drink? Yum! And the sweater? Another winner!

Delaney's Duds said...

hope you had a good vacation!

yoel said...

The sweater/jacket looks gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

That. Sweater. Is. Beautiful.