Thursday, March 03, 2011

And I specifically took the photo for blog purposes! One of the beautiful things about an all inclusive resort is that you can get your drinks custom made.

Remember my deck of cocktail recipe cards? Well, we brought them on the trip and kept finding ones we needed the bartenders to make for us. How's that for family fun? Maya's a big fan of the virgin blended anything. And look how good they were at matching the pictures!

Besides that, I have very little yarn related to share. We're in the midst of the inspection/P&S portion of our move, and we're doing the mad paint-clean-throw away portion of our sell. It's a little nutty, and I realize I've knit maybe one row since returning, but I did manage to check the boards today and answer some questions, and I've sent out two more of my old patterns for some retroactive tech editing, so I hope nobody feels forgotten or frustrated if you've needed me. I'm a little scattered! But it'll smooth out again in a week or two.

I've also put out the info on my next Test Knit for Plucky. If you are interested, check it out in the BabyCocktails Rav group. I've gotten volunteers up to size 40. So if there's any 42+ size knitters out there who are interested, I'd love to have you.

Otherwise, I'll check in again when I have a sec, and if I manage a few more rows, I'll have a photo to show you of the new thing. If not, I'll share more beautiful wallpaper --or maybe if you're lucky, I'll show you my "Before" kitchen! It's way cool.


Katinka said...

Drat! I'd love to offer to test knit, but I'm 6.5 months pregnant, which makes gauging fit a bit of a difficulty. ;)

janna said...

Such pretty pastel drinks!

And you don't want me as a test knitter - I'm way slow and I just don't have a whole lot of knitting time. But I look forward to seeing Moody Broody when it's out!

QuiltedSimple said...

Darn...too late:) Anyhow...the drinks look yummy!
Have fun with that wallpaper

Seanna Lea said...

I'm not a 42+, but one of my friends is. I'd happily test knit this to fit her!

Renee said...

We're not moving - but I should do that throw it out declutter too, anything I wouldn't move should go.

Drinks look smack on. :-)

Hilary said...

Whoa, custom cool is that?! Good luck with everything...moving sure does suck and takes a LOT of work. But you'll be through it soon!