Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just a quick reminder!

I'm doing a trunk show at Seed Stitch Fine Yarns in Salem MA at 3:30, as part of the 2011 North Shore Yarn Crawl.

I'm bringing most of my designs with me so you can take a peek and try em on. Minus the missing mittens, which have not turned up yet. Grrrr. I'm afraid it may be time to knit another pair.

Also, I may even have a drink or two with me. If you're in the mood yourself, I always love company! :-)


Rzimmerman said...

Sorry I kissed you in Salem - sadly my yarn crawling has to be during the week...did Courtney let you drink?...did the mystery mitts reappear?
By the way where are you moving to?...and where is the present coffee shop?...oh, too many questions I think...cheers! Rebecca

Kathleen said...

Great to see you today. Can't believe I didn't take a picture or anything! I forgot to ask about the trunk show *and* I forgot to show you my Sidecars. Two-year-olds will distract you like that.

Hilary said...

Hahahah...vintage knitting magazines are hilarious. That bunny is evil! Eek.

So glad you had fun at the trunk does sound cool to have lots of different ladies trying on your knits and seeing how they look in them. The story about the lady thinking you were ripping off yourself was hilarious!

Continuing to wish you good luck with all the house and moving stuff...