Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In both real estate and knitting.

First the knitting. Since most of the current projects are not ready for any kind of debut, I've been spending a little time with a few of my old patterns and my amazing tech editor, so my past designs can benefit from the lessons I learned on my more recent projects.

Today I posted a new and improved version of Calvados, pictured above. An updated PDF was sent to past buyers, but anyone purchasing this guy in the future will get the fabulously revised version, with less background chatter and some extra-double checked instructions.

If you're wondering, Short Lucky is next on the list, and will follow in a few days.


We were at our new house yesterday, so the other Old/New bits are related to the real estate. Feel free to sign off if you're only interested in the knitting.


This might be my favorite thing of all in the kitchen.

It's a TOASTMASTER. (I'd have called it that anyways, but really, it is the toastmaster - you can read it on the side there!) Blackened from years of use, and done up in super attractive 70s brown and orange, this undermounted cabinet toaster handles 4 slices at once. I cannot wait to give it a shot. I should have taken a picture of it shut too, so you could see the cover, but I'm guessing you can imagine it. Shiny, brown, a little orange and tan highlight design, and oh-so very Sanford and Son.

Craig says we can't keep it, but I told the contractor not to throw it out, because it's too perfect. Maya agrees; this is not to be tossed. Just look at the brown rainbow dial - all we need is an 8 track player to go next to it, right?

Another keeper is the house eagle.

He's looking kind of old and worn now, and maybe some of you think it needs to go. But they make Rustoleum in so many amazing colors, and I'm thinking he's kind of cool. He might move down to the porch as a wall decoration -- I'm not so sure I want him nesting up here on the "forehead" of the house - but either way, he's going to get a makeover and continue to live with us. We don't have a real pet, so this is exciting and the girls are figuring out names.

And one more "old" bit that's going to change. See this little paneled man-room, with two sets of french doors - one leading out to the deck? Well, this is going to be my new office. A big bulletin board, some yarn shelves, a desk and a paint job. The hard part is waiting the few months to get there. But I think a little more knitting will help pass the time... and yes, a drink too. I have been making them, just not getting around to blogging about it!

tonight a friend is coming by and I've promised to whip up gin fizzes.


Seanna Lea said...

What is in a gin fizz? One of my friends is really into gin and tonics, so I'm wondering if this would work well for him.

Renee said...

Wow - that is some toaster!!
Can picture your office all painted and spiffed up - it'll be wonderful!
Congratulations on your new home!

Ariane said...

I should revise some of my patterns too... but school comes first right now!

Mandy said...

That is the perfect little yarn room/office! I love the toastmaster and the eagle. Good stuff!

NJStacie said...

I love that little room! Let me know if you need painting help :)

Chris said...

That is one cool toaster! Your office is going to be really nice and sunny. Congrats on the new house!

Hilary said...

Whoa. The Toastmaster is intense! I've never seen such a definitely cannot throw it away. And an office! That is SO EXCITING. Seriously, I am jealous!

Kristen said...

I agree, the toaster is a keeper! I've never bothered with them, I use my oven. Toasters always seem so big and clunky, and this one is the clunkiest! Congrats on a super score!

I can't wait to see your finished office.

MarmePurl said...

Hey now...that toastmaster would go perfectly in my 1978 kitchen! We too have just purchesed an older home that I am trying to get renovated all while attemping to get a bit of knitting done..

Leisa said...

oh my, we had a 'Toastmaster' when I was growing up!!! Yes I am a child of the 70's. If it still works,(which I can't believe it does) keep it it makes the best toast ever.
How funny, this post made my day.

Mad For Knit said...

Hurrah for the new place!! Let's plan a get-together soon - maybe a toast party.

Anna said...

All that brown and tan makes me think of root beer floats -- not a cocktail exactly, but definitely my favorite drink at the time those colors were in vogue! The Toastmaster is awesome!

Kathleen said...

That toaster looks like something that would have been in my parents' kitchen when I was growing up, along with orange paisley wallpaper and orange formica counters. Love "Sam" the eagle in his worn state - very folk art-y. And am excited for you to have such a great little work space.

Melissa said...

I love the toastmaster! Just epic. I was pointed to your blog by your other half this week and am excited to follow it. Really enjoyed the posts I read so far!

Kym said...

Such cool stuff in your new house! We had an eagle on the front of my girlhood home. Right by the front door. My sister and I named him "Alfred" and he was our protector! Love your new office! It's going to be so wonderful!