Monday, April 25, 2011

After the long white stretch that was this winter, it's soooo nice to look out the back deck and see the little bright green leaves again. And I'm particularly appreciative of these leaves since it's the last spring I'll be watching them come out. The treehouse view from this deck has been one of my favorite things about this spot - and although the new place has a deck and its own batch of trees, I know I won't own a lovely view again for a while. Which is fine, since I'll be so busy painting and sanding and peeling wallpaper that I won't have time to sit and look at it anyways, right? Am soooo dreading that wallpaper job...

But back to the other colors in my world, which are related to the accessory projects.

Although I wouldn't want a sweater in bubblegum pink or yellow or bright magenta, it's fun to think about little projects in these colors. Putting this lovely yellow on my hands won't make my face look all dead and pale - and the light pink won't make my hair look too orangey in contrast. Amazing. But now I have to figure out gloves that I like.

And it turns out, it's harder than I thought to come up with things that I like for gloves, but I'm plugging away, so don't worry. The yellow and pink are keeping me invested in the idea. And it's an opportunity to use those stitch patterns I've tagged in the past that just won't work on a sweater. But, as I said, it's taking a little time to make it work in a way that I can get behind - maybe it's just that I'm not used to thinking in these small little wrist sized spaces.

I'm hoping to figure it out though, and have a few ready by July for easy, portable knitting on the go. So stay tuned and we'll see how it goes.

For full body wear, here's a preview of what's knitting up in Plucky Primo.

Because gray matches everything, and looks good on everyone. In a sweater size.


For drinks, I have two new bottles I've been playing with over break.

Of all the different flavored vodka brands, I find I keep coming back to the Absolut. A good balance of having the essence of what it's supposed to, without being too fake or sweet tasting.

The Gray Goose is also good, but a bit more pricey, and I do have new kitchen to pay for, so I'm going to stay with the midrange option here. (still not going super cheap, but there's a 36" stove in my future and that puppy is going to cost more than a few bucks.)

The pear is amazing in a pear soda like this one.

2 oz pear vodka
1-2 oz pear nectar
club soda
slice of lemon, and a shot of lemon juice
ice cubes

And the grapefruit makes the perfect grapefruit vodka tonic

2 oz grapefruit vodka
tonic water
slice of lime and shot of lime juice
(also good with orange or lemon)
ice cubes


In other news, the Madeline Tosh Lovers Group on Ravelry is having a Dark and Stormy KAL as part of MadMay2011, for anyone who's interested in knitting and would like a little company.

As part of the festivities, from now until May 15th, if you enter the code MadMayKAL when you purchase Dark and Stormy, you get 20% off of the pattern!


Seanna Lea said...

Awesome about the Ruby Red (I should have just waited a second). I love citrus flavors the best, so I might have to pick some up.

Turtle said...

mmmm, both sound like huge summer winners! think a trip to the LQ is in order... we have a working weekend at the camp this coming and i will need some refreshment after chasing puppy and hauling old tires/55 gal drums from the riverbank.

Tante J said...

Loving that Plucky Primo project! Almost makes me wish it was still cool out. Almost. Ok, not really, but it sure will be lovely when the cooler weather comes round again.