Wednesday, April 06, 2011

At least in my house, I'm seeing that a little nudge might be necessary to get the spring knitting in full swing.

Even though my new patterns are in the works, I'm getting ready to wear a few of my old favorites as soon as the sun starts to shine.

In case any of you are in the mood to do the same, Nantucket Red, Cherry Vanilla, and the Golden Vintage Cardigan will all be 30% off for the rest of April.

And if you're pulling out the cotton yarn, you might want a springy cocktail to play with as well.

With the potential for some sunshine, my mind has turned back towards my all time favorite summer drink, the Gin & Tonic. You already heard about the apple and cilantro version I made a few days ago, but we've rummaged around the cupboards and made up a few more combinations, and so far, it's hard to find a bad one if you have some form of the following:

2 oz gin
A savory herb that's not mint (muddle a teeny bit)
A sliced fruit
citrus or another fun thing
and tonic

Here are the combos that have our seal of approval so far:

sliced lemon, majoram, and orange bitters
sliced cucumber, and dill
sliced orange, basil and orange bitters
sliced orange, majoram, and orange bitters
sliced orange, cilantro and orange bitters
sliced apple, cilantro and lemon

I've run out of fruit and herbs for now, but I'm thinking pear and grapefruit could also be kind of tasty, and plan on stocking back up at the store later today. Any other ideas are welcome! Like the patterns, I"m offering mods to the cocktails :-) Find the one that fits you best.

And for GlennaC, up in Canada, I will try a few vodka tonic combos as well.
Thinking pear is the way to go there, right?



O~ said...

While the pear and vodka does sound good - I am thinking the cucumber, dill and vodka would be rather refreshing too!

Almost done with my first GVC!!! :))

QuiltedSimple said...

those drinks sound yummy! especially with orange. and i really need to finish my Cherry Vanilla - i am so ready to wear it

Zonda said...

The pear/vodka combo sounds good...I just don't like gin...shh sorry ;)

Randi said...

I'm with Zonda, I'm afraid. Just not crazy about the pine flavor in gin. But anything you want to tell me to do with vodka, I will probably try!

Turtle said...

mmm on the cocktail! I loved knitting and wearing nantucket red!

Seanna Lea said...

Given that I find the juniper in gin pretty strong, and that I sometimes feel the same way about mango, I wonder if gin and mango would work well together.

Trista said...

Years ago a magazine had a refreshing recipe for water...a pitcher with fresh rosemary stems, sliced lemons, sliced cucumbers, and sprigs of mint. Slightly muddle the herbs, add fruit and fill with water. I tell you this is amazing for hot yoga class! As a gin drinker myself you have me thinking of a G&T version of this- maybe leave out the mint (and sub parsley?). The Rosemary is key here- delicious. I'll have to try this. I guess I'm going shopping too!

Kathleen said...

I'm having a V&T with lemon right now, though perhaps I should have added an herb :)