Thursday, April 14, 2011

Which doesn't actually rhyme, but is kind of close. Sorta.

First, as promised, something vodka-y to enjoy if you're having the same sunshine and warm weather we are. The beer was kind of a cop out in the cocktail department, so I do feel I owe you an actual recipe for posting an actual design this week.

And thanks for the great response to said design! I cannot wait to start to see all of your sweaters getting knit up and shown off on Ravelry before long. In one day, more than 200 of you jumped on the bandwagon with needles at the ready! Which is just amazing to me. Seriously, seriously so. I'll be watching for your pics to start popping up!

In the meantime, here's something to enjoy while you knit.

It doesn't have a name, so I'm going to go with Polar Fizz. (see, Polar soda? and fizzy.)

2 oz vodka
3/4 of a glass of the Orange Dry (a little less sweet than actual orange soda)
2-3 shots of orange bitters
lime juice/sliced lime
ice cubes

Next, the scary chick.

The owner of our new home-to-be loves her holiday decorations and makes a little montage on the kitchen table for each occasion. When we first saw the place, it was hearts and bunnies for Valentines Day. Next visit, it was the still life of little bears in green shirts drinking beer for St. Patrick's Day. And yesterday when we went over, it seems that Easter is almost here and some New Animals are partying on the kitchen table.

Hilarious. Except one of them is scary.

See? Kinda reminds me of the chick from the vintage knits book. Am thinking it's the Same Chick and he's going to pop up in new places all year long.

Hmmmm. Those eyebrows are not friendly.

And PS, again,(Grrrrr) Blogger is not giving me any contact info for your comments! I do love hearing from you and I read every comment and I ill try to find you on Rav to reply if I can.


Randi said...

Oh, my god, my grandmother used to have dolls like that! They creeped me the hell out - THOSE EYES! - and until this moment I had completely blocked the memory. *shudder*

Also, tonight it's a plain vodka tonic for me, but this drink sounds citrus-y and yum. I shall have to give it a try.

Zonda said...

Darn can I not have Vodka in the house...have to remedy that! That chick is plain scary in the eyes...smiling a little bit too..hmmm

Seanna Lea said...

And here I was thinking it was about a scary woman, and it turned out to be a scary bird.

Have you tried this drink with Orangina? One of my friends had me try it a couple of years ago, and if it were super affordable I'd drink it whenever I wanted soda!

emmy said...

Looks like Tweety Bird on crack....

Kristen said...

My mother had a collection of these dolls for every holiday! When she wanted to downsize I asked my daughter is she wanted them. She said NO, they always scared her as a child, I had no idea! I hope my mom still has them, I feel the need to go rescue a few, just for old times sake!

I just remember, she even had one for New Years that had a drunk mouse in a champagne glass. Oh my, if I can unearth that, it is yours babycocktails!

Missus Vonkysmeed said...

That is one angry looking duck/chick and totally looks like an Anna Lee (spelling?) doll. My mom used to collect the christmas ones, we had an assortment of Santa's, Mrs. Clauses and elves all over the house. that is, until the dog must have gotten creeped out by them as she ripped the head off of every doll one year.

Turtle said...

lol, is that chick an annalee? their factory wasn't too far from home growing up. Theyre like the homely cabbage patch kids!