Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Every action has a reaction, right?

And never has that been clearer than in my house right now. There are a few things I've put in motion over the last few months, and as I wander around here today, I'm seeing them all coming to fruition. At once. Because that's how it always happens.

(which might call for a drink, but that's for later in the day)

First, this pile of yarn wrappers which I am putting into the yarn trunk. Yep, that's 9-10ish skeins of Shelter. And although I'm not going to be able to share what came out of this bag, let's just say it was a few months in the planning. And it's kind of fun when you look at the empty bag and realize that the little drawing became something and is about to fly the coop.

You guys will see it in a few months.
(because nobody wants 1,000 yards of tweed on their lap in July, right?

Already flown out of the coop is another pattern, which I began in winter and sent out a few months back. I'm also not allowed to talk about it yet, but I'm pretty sure I can say you should keep your eyes out for Blue Sky Alpacas' Techno yarn at TNNA!


About to fly out the coop is all the stuff you see below.

More specifically, All Our Stuff. This whole new house thing is about to happen, and soon. Like tomorrow, in fact. We do have a month between one house and the other, so it's not all going to be out of here tomorrow, but let's just say that I've put tons of crap in boxes. And I can't find anything I need anymore.

I'll find it all after the construction in a few months.

But please know that I'm not stupid - and I do have my priorities. Some things aren't getting packed until the End. This week's drinks have been made on a "is there a bottle with only a few ounces left in here?" basis. A few gin and tonics, and some burbon with ginger ales.

So there's two more bottles we don't have to pack. And thanks to Gabriella for helping in the effort. I know it was tough.

Lastly, a more creative task is underway. The new house is getting 2.5 new bathrooms and I'm picking all kinds of stuff out. I find I'm a little obsessed with the hexagon floor in dark gray slate, which I completely cannot afford. But it turns out the ceramic one comes in gray too.

Good thing, right?

Anyways, I promise more knitting soon. For now, I can't seem to find my yarn.


Turtle said...

how fun and exciting! Dont envy the actual move part but the rest is good!

another good quote is:

"every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end."

Hilary said...

How fun! Of course, the actual moving part is not fun, nor the packing, but designing new bathrooms sounds really cool! I hope you'll show us the finished products.

Patty said...

So exciting Thea! And I agree, I hope we'll get a little tour!

Renee said...

Moving is so exciting (apart from the work part of it)!
Can't wait to see your renos, hope you post. :-)
Have a great day!