Thursday, June 30, 2011

As the workers plug away at our new house, we're nomadding around as housesitters to a few close friends. I've got a whole House of Cards setup where we move house to house while each family goes on vacation this summer, with a few guest rooms sprinkled in between. Here we are on the first stop of our Tour, and these friends are in Finland. Over here, I'm learning the genius of Swedish design. I've been to Ikea, of course. But I've never actually LIVED with a ton of Ikea items. Besides the amazing Ikea laundry system that has me wowed - it's a double netted basket, one half white and one half dark, which is absolutely perfect and even fun to put stuff in, there's this little beauty.

This crazy thing lives on the counter of Suvi's kitchen, and I'm sure most of you have already figured out what it does. It took me a sec to make the transition from War of the Worlds to Limes, but as soon as we unpacked the tequila last night, we gave it a spin. This thing rocks! It's a better system than my JuiceMaster, since it only has one part to wash afterwards, and no assembly required. Ikea is brilliant, I tell you.

Do you have a favorite thing from Ikea that makes your life better? Will I need it in my new house?? Do tell, as I'm getting a little hooked here and keep leafing through the catalog. There is SO much I must have.


In the spirit of the Ikea house, we kept our drinks simple as well:

juice of one lime, 2 oz tequila, a splash of simple syrup, and 4 oz club soda went into Craig's glass.
Mine had an added splash of tangerine-orange in it, which was nice.
We added 3 ice cubes each.

It was a good end to a hot and sunny day.

And just look at what else turned up! My portable little swatch in the Ball and Skein Berkshire was in my beach chair. I discovered it yesterday when I set my chair up at the small beach near our house, and felt a needle in my back. Owww. Anyways, I'm psyched to see that it still exists and hasn't been buried in toilet and faucet boxes, and I can pick it back up tomorrow when we head off to the sand again.

The rest of today involves Lowe's, HomeGoods, and a side trip to Target.

And tonight, a little knitting. I finally get to check out Gather Here's Pints and Purls!!


Turtle said...

k, i even did a search on the juicer and lol, blonde roots showing again... i still don't understand how it works! lol, maybe it's something i would need to see in person, with a cocktail in hand!

Seanna Lea said...

Enjoy the Pint and Purls tonight! I keep meaning to go myself, but I have race volunteer work tonight and doggie duty the rest of the time.

janna said...

I also searched for "IKEA juicer," and got a couple other IKEA juicers, but not this one. AND about the 5th link down was to a porno apparently involving an IKEA juicer! Luckily, the little description told me it was porn, so I didn't click, since I am at work.

So -- how does it work? For juicing limes, I mean...

Kristin said...

Oh IKEA, how do I love thee? We have a bunch of IKEA stuff, including the sofa I'm currently sitting on. But my favorite 'unique' IKEA thing is probably my kitchen tongs - they have silicon "hands" so I can use them in non-stick, and they actually stay closed when directed. Or maybe my laundry rack, it folds up completely flat but unfolds to a generous size. Or - wait -no - this has got to be it. The bag clips. We have about a million of them. And they are awesome.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, this house has the bag clips and they're genius!

And on how that juicer works, you place the cup in the center of the "legs", take a half a fruit, smash it on top, and voila. The juice comes down, drips off that point, and straight into the cup.

Next drink involves rum and oranges... and the juicer!


madforknit said...

That's no IKEA juicer. That's a Philippe Stark designer juicer from Alessi. Alessi is my favorite kitchen stuff but much more champagne wallet than beer.

Suvi said...

Yes, that is true, it is a Alessi juicer and we have a lot of other Alessi items as well! Thea, I am not so much Ikea fan but they have some practical things which every scandinavian likes ;)...