Thursday, July 07, 2011

Found my camera.

Living in one house and cat-sitting in another has a few benefits that make up for all the things I can't find, though....

This week, friends of ours had us pick up their CSA share while they were away in VT. We took our buddies Erin and Geneva with us and went off to the farm for PYO strawberries and 3 bags of various lettuces and carrots and squashes and stuff. I'm about to figure out something I might make with the chard, carrots, beets and fava beans, and Maya has big pie plans for the strawberries tonight. Knitting buddy Kellee has a pretty awesome looking squash casserole recipe on her new food blog that's timed kind of perfectly, and I'm open to any other good suggestions, if you have 'em.

But the part you'll like best came from Erin. She told me about the latest drink making the rounds on Pinterest.

muddle a few strawberries and 1-2 basil leaves in the bottom of a glass
add 2 oz of burbon
top with seltzer and ice cubes

All my burbon and seltzer is in the new house, but luckily I have to spend a few hours over there this afternoon waiting for appliances, tile, a vanity, and a sink -- So, I'll have plenty of time to dig through the piles for the appropriate ingredients and hope to share the results with you soon. Along with some "during" photos, maybe. Perhaps my crew of contractors will all pose next to the porta potty holding skeins of yarn if I explain this whole blog thing to them? I'm tninking they may not.

Anyways, back to the veggies. After an hour or so in the hot sun, we deserved something cold, so we drove over to this awesome summer joint I remembered from years past. I always loved how this place looks, so I snapped a shot to share. (Maybe I was a little snap happy having found my camera, so pardon the unrelated pic, and be glad I'm not sharing the rest!)

But it is pretty perfect, right? And those milkshakes totally hit the spot.

The last summer green I'm sharing IS knitting related, and almost done! Three pieces of long soft sweater, in Fibre Company's Canopy. I'm playing with all kinds of ribbing here, and going for a long slouchy feel. About to do some sleeves and seam things up, but I'm debating whether or not a long (mid thigh long) sweater with a hood is too much like a bathrobe.

Thoughts? Would you prefer a hooded long cardigan, or a regular necked one?

You can think about it while sipping some strawberry/basil/burbon stuff, and imagining the potty yarn man photo.


Holli said...

Thanks for the link to Communal Skillet -- it's gorgeous!

I'd go with a hooded long cardigan (sounds cozy).

And, last weekend Joe ordered a drink at Skip Jacks that sounds similar to the basil strawberry bourbon smash you provided here. Tasty!

Liz in Missouri said...

I LOVE long cardigans - with big snuggy collars. Hoods always make me think of old sweatshirts and/or bathrobes. On the other hand - how hard would it be to make a hood that had a good stopping point partway up - so that it could be just a large collar OR a hood? Just a thought.
Love the picture of the Dairy Stand. Reminds me of times gone by when the local "burger joint" was the place to see and be seen!

Anonymous said...

Long with hood equals a bathrobe in my humble opinion. :) Is there a problem with wearing a sweater bathrobe? Nope. Sounds cozy to me.

However, a longer ribbed ribbed color would look nice too.

Jennie said...

Guess I prefer without a hood. Whoever actually USES a hood on a hoodie? I figure in a few years time, it might feel dated. A long slouchy cardigan is something I'd want to knit and keep forever!

Hollyrolly said...

definitely without the hood, I struggle with a coat over the top with a hood, it all feels like too much fabric round my neck!

Hilary said...

Hmm...that's a tough one. I LOVE the idea of a hood, but feel like the sweater should be somewhat fitted to avoid the bathrobe thing. If it were in finer weight yarn, too, I think I'd vote for hood. But in this case, I'm voting for regular neckline. Either way, I'm sure it'll be fabulous...the ribbing looks really neat so far.

By the way, the Gibson Shell is SO GORGEOUS! All the details are so perfect!

Mini said...

LOVE the Dairy Joy--- it makes me happy :)

I was just there on Monday!

Rhonda said...

I vote regular neck. I have short, fine hair. Hoods make me disappear.

My friend just mentioned a cocktail on Facebook, Lime and Coconut. I can't wait to try.

Christina said...

I would definitely say without a hood. I haven't seen too many knitted hoods on sweaters that actually look right...usually end up too pointy or short, plus they take a lot more yarn and in canopy that adds up. I definitely vote for a nice fold over collar.

I'm sure it'll be lovely whatever you decide.

Turtle said...

i have been looking for a hooded yet long cardigan! One that is the ultimate snuggly hug!

SOOO going to muddle one of those drinks this weekend at the river! :)

Seanna Lea said...

Long and hooded only means bathrobe to me if it is belted with one of those long ties. A short belt or one with a loop rather than tying or buttons all remove it from the bathrobe end of the spectrum.

Trista said...

My knitting daughter once said that hoods on your back (when not in use) remind her of dog vaginas...that may be too blunt, but I have to agree with her. I would vote no hood, or maybe an option in the pattern for either collar or hood?

Anonymous said...

Trista, THAT cracked me up.

Hood's out.