Thursday, September 15, 2011

 I'm getting back into a routine around here, and with the return of said routine, came the return of some knitting mojo!

I moved things into my office and got back to work last week.  Then I was temporarily delayed by a leaky ceiling, which led to a few conversations, which lead to an entire roofing job (and $7,000 MORE down the drain).   The roofing job led to a giant hole in the ceiling above my desk, which also needed some attention, and a temporary move into the dining room for all the things in my office.   More visits from the contractor ensued, things were cleaned up, and a repair will be done in a few weeks. For now, the roof is up and although the ceiling looks kind of crazy, nothing will be leaking in through that fantabulous new roof, no matter what Mother Nature decides to chuck my way.   ($7,000 says so)

So.... I moved my stuff back into the office one more time (this feels a lot like the Olivia book where she keeps moving the cat) for a few weeks -- until the repair, when I'll move it all back into the dining room for a bit again.   But for NOW...

My office is set up. Everything I need is currently where I need it.  And... prior to the whole ceiling and roof debacle, a few projects moved enough out of limbo that I had knitting to work on over the past few days.  When ignoring the noise and men above.
(and the myriad of house projects I need to be painting, arranging or fixing.)

You can see what I've got going on here.

Those cables up front are made out of The Fibre Company's Canopy.   It is soft and beautiful and has the most amazing subtle haze of burgundy over the green.   This little panel on the table will probably make its debut sometime in October, and it will be slouchy and cozy and cabley.  Which is exactly what the Canopy wants to be.   Soft and slouchy, and a little bit luxe.

Behind that Canopy is a deep green skein that I had yet to wind when the photo was taken.  Now it's two swatches and a hat-in-progress.  This skein is really exciting   --- it's the Plucky Knitter's new Aran.  She's calling it Plucky Rustic, and it's a 100% merino that promises to be fab in everyday wear.  It's got the deep colors and subtle sheen that I so love in Plucky yarns, but it does not have any cashmere in the fiber, so it's more of an everyday yarn - one that's not going to pill, and will lend itself well to everyday kinds of knits.
I have lots of plans for this yarn, beginning with a few accessories and the hat already on the needles.
The third green skein is Quince and Co's Osprey, in an amazing shade of green called Parsley.  I had bought this to replace the Ultra Alpaca I'd used in my Rhinebeck sweater, which needs to be something else.  BUT, always the idiot, I bought the wrong yarn.  I needed Lark.  Osprey is too heavy for this sweater, although I love it.  So, another batch of Quince - in the Lark - is on its way to me - this time in a deep blue, called Peacoat.   Because much as I love this green, I have not right owning two sweater quantities of bright green.   And this lovely yarn will eventually be something bulky and textury (come February?).    Maybe.


I have an urge to name one of these projects (the Canopy, perhaps?) Drambuie, because I love the sound of the word, so I've acquired a new liquor to experiment with.   I have a Room Parent meeting tonight at 7, but hope to be back and play with it afterwards.   In the meantime, anyone have any favorite Drambuie recipes I'll need to try?  Do share, as most of what I've found mixes it with scotch, and I'm up for other ideas as well. 


On the New Town Front, all is well.   Thanks so much for your comments!  It's so nice to hear about other people in the same boat - (and to have comments to read in the absence of adults to talk to) - ha!

But really, it's good here.   The girls are settling in, buddies are working out, and I have gotten involved with a few things that allow me to figure out who all the different women are around here.   Last weekend's block party on our street was awesome, and I may even have some adults to talk to in the absence of my contractor buddies, who are now working on other houses in other towns.  I'm also lucky enough to have moved about 1 mile, from my old town, so I will keep in touch with a lot of old friends, who I love and don't want to give up.

Although my knitting friends know I'm not doing the best job of that yet...  Soon guys I promise.  I actually have knitting to work on! 


Vanilla said...

i love the color! nice and peaceful! nice knitting!!

Suze said...

I don't know how I could get ANY knitting done with all that going on! Kudos!
Our neighbors are looking to add on to their house, and after a year of meeting with design/build people, they were told "Oh, you might have lead paint, so probably the best thing is raze the whole house and start over." Yipes!!

Dani said...

Ugh, sorry to hear about the ceiling/roof. That bites. But I love the colours that you are working with. And slouchy is perfect! great for fall.

Glad to hear things are settling out with the neighbours and what not!

Zonda said...

Bummer about your roof/ceiling. Hoping everything gets fixed soon and you can relax in your new office :)

Laurie said...

Oh, those very very expensive surprises just suck. We had ours last year: rotting trim, more than we dreamed possible.

Love to hear that you are motoring on despite the chaos.

Kathy said...

Hey Thea,

I'm going to email you and my friend Nat each others info -- you guys *need* to meet!!


Hilary said...

Ugh, I hope that's the last of the surprise expenses and that you can *really* settle in soon. But glad to hear that you've been getting some knitting in! I LOVE the colors of your latest projects. Yummm.

I saw this recently and had to share. Apparently, the old Discolaaaaandia is being turned into a total hipster eatery ("Pig & Pie"), but due to community activism, the sign is going to stay: