Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's almost here.  Maya is convinced that in our new town (which has a few parts that are a LOT fancier than our old town) that people in the big houses will give out chocolate bars the size of our heads.  She swears this is confirmed by other 7th graders and has a few specific streets in mind where this will happen.  I"m not so sure about the giant candy, and keep telling her MY theory - smaller houses, smaller yards = more candy.   More is better, so I can filch it out of their bags unnoticed.

Plus, I'm not driving her over to the other side of the tracks for the big houses, so we may never find out who's right.   I'll be on our porch with my friend Emily and a six pack of pumpkin beer, giving out candy bars smaller than your head.  

Plus, there is a fun new tradition here (in our 'hood), which I'm kind of loving.  Boo Bags.  Ever hear of these?

It's like Ding Dong Ditch - with candy!  The doorbell rings at night, while you are watching TV after dinner.   When you answer it, there's a bag with  2-4 pcs of candy in it on the steps.  The kids decorate the bag with a little note, and unless you see them giggling and running away, you have no idea who drops it off.   It's kind of perfect.   And I don't know about you guys, but once I sit down at the TV, I always wish I had a little bit of dessert, so this is working out nicely.  

But Halloween isn't all free candy.  There's planning to do.

 I've been dying for Maya to be Wednesday Addams for a few Halloweens now and this year we found the perfect dress at Goodwill, so she's in.  It's getting a  few buttons, a black sash, and a felt collar over the existing lace. We've managed the perfect mix of creepy victorian/salem witchiness, and she's trying to get her buddies to be the rest of the Family.

We also found a creepy doll to carry around.  She's missing most her face and is really pale.  I love Goodwill. 

At the same sale that provided the creepy doll, I found THIS.

Can you see it?  I am in love with this,  It's a vintage tweed Christian Dior suit from the 1960s.  With a cropped fitted jacket and a pencil skirt.  The tailoring is ah-mazing.   It cost me $12.

I may have to get my old ad agency job back just so I can wear it.  


Seanna Lea said...

Heck, if I were less buxom I would want to be Wednesday. She is my favorite of the Addams Family crowd.

Michelle said...

That's a great suit. I see a sweater knitted to match the skirt in the future with some sweet boots. The jacket with jeans and boots maybe? : )

Thea said...

oh yes. The jacket will be worn with jeans and boots until I get my old job back (or more accurately, even WANT my old job back --- and if I wear some spanx, the skirt and a sweater also works. Those pencil skirts are NOT forgiving.

Mini said...

jeans + cute t+ jacket = awesome... and the pencil skirt would look adorable with knee high boots and a kick ass sweater. :)

Erin said...

Vintage Dior!?!? SCORE!

Turtle said...

i love the goodwill, lol! I am a regular at ours and we actually tend to stand around chatting, drinking offee... the regulars that is.

My daughter was wednesday adams two years in a row... i love the dead baby doll idea! Daaughter carried a taller than herself scycle.

Hilary said...

Dude, those are some AMAZING finds! Maya is going to be a perfect Wednesday Addams, especially with that dress! (The first movie was on tv the other night and I was reminded of it's awesomeness.) And that suit? Wow. How do you find this stuff??

Zonda said...

Perfect dress for Wednesday! Love the vintage suit too, what a bargin!