Thursday, October 27, 2011

  Introducing Mint and Basil! 

I couldn't stop with just one hat, so I decided to make this a double pattern.   I'm hoping that with the holidays a few months away, you may have use for the extra one as a gift.  And if you want them both for yourself, you can do that too, since each pattern is somewhat different from the other and it won't look at all like you knit two of the same hats.

(The yarn is the Plucky Knitter's newest - Plucky Rustic, which I'll chat about down below.  This color is Oz.)

First up, there's Mint.

Mint is a classic cap with a 70s vibe.  It's meant to be close fitting, worn low on the forehead and snug over the ears.  A textured twisted stitch with staggered lace detail provides a departure from a basic ribbed cap, but still makes for an easy knit and a versatile design.   The brim echoes the ribs and provides a spot for a cool accent button or two.  

I love how the subtle variegation in the yarn spirals around the band,  giving it a little extra oomph around the face.  The handdyed yarn really adds some great depth to the texture, and the bright color gives it a really modern feel. 

A little rear view.


The second pattern is called Basil.  
Basil is a modified slouch, not exactly a beret, but with a bit of extra room for a little drape and an updated shape.   Instructions are in the pattern to modify this for as much or as little slouch as you'd like. 

Basil is a little artsy and romantic - worn back on the forehead, maybe a bit to the side.   Lace and cable medallions come out of a shallow ribbing and add delicate detail around the face.  

And the decreases in the back create a lovely star pattern.  

 And about this new yarn...  

Plucky Rustic is a basic worsted/aran weight wool with a lofty spin . It's a solid workhorse yarn for go-to sweaters and accessories that will be worn again and again.  Evenly spun, lightly plied, smooth to the touch.   Not too heavy, not too fluffy.  And in Sarah's colorways, the Rustic is anything but basic.  (Think Cascade, but way prettier!)

It's coming out any day now, and more info about when and how to get it will be here.

In the meantime, here are some details on Mint & Basil, which are available on the sidebar above to the left or on Ravelry for $6.50 US.

Yarn:  The Plucky Knitter Rustic,  1 skein ea hat (the skein is 165 yds, the hat takes 100-125).
and that color?  That fabulous green is Oz
Needles:  US#7/4.5mm circulars and DPNs (or size to get gauge)
Sizing:  Written for 18(20,22)" heads.  Instructions included to modify larger or smaller.
Gauge:  5 sts, 7 rows per 1" , blocked, in stockinette

All these pics were taken at the racetrack by Caro Sheridan - copyright 2011 Splityarn.  
We cropped out the sleeping guy, who was a few rows above.


As for drinks with mint and basil, I've had a lot of fun playing with these.  You can pretty much crush up herbs in any drink for a little extra oomph, but here two that work well as a pair and tasted good to boot.

Mint Lemonade
2 oz lemon vodka (absolut citron type stuff)
crushed mint leaves
lemon bitters
 muddle those three ingredients with ice cubes in the bottom of a glass and add fizzy lemonade.

Basil Orangeade
2 oz burbon
crushed basil leaves
orange bitters
 muddle those three ingredients with ice cubes in the bottom of a glass and add fizzy orangeade. 
(this is NOT orange soda.  It's like pellegrino orange, or orangina)


 PS:  If you like this double accessory thing, stay tuned for Black Cherry Lambic, which is a cowl/wrap combo, coming up next.   
Also in plenty of time for holiday knitting!!


QuiltedSimple said...

Love these.....just what I need for fall!

Seanna Lea said...

Those are great hats. I'm doing mittens for some people for Christmas this year. I hope you will have some of those soon!

Hilary said...

I love both of them!! And OMG that green. You've captured the gorgeousness of the yarn perfectly. The question knit for me, or to knit for holiday gifts?

madforknit said...

Love Basil. I have just the yarn for it too!

Turtle said...

nice, and i love the green... but then i am always easy with green!

A challenge Q : what is your favorite outside by the fire in fall drink? We camp each weekend (actually year round) and i am stumped for something new right now... I ran out of my american honey! lol :)

Turtle said...

mmmm, hadnt thought of something as simple as pepp schn and cocoa!