Monday, October 17, 2011

You'll be reading about 1,000 different blogs today if you're doing any type of Rhinebeck recap, so I'm going to make this easy on you and do a little photo list of highlights I managed to remember my camera for. 

The Eveready Diner, just south of Rhinebeck proper.  Home of the Perfect Bloody Mary, and giant slices of pie.   Stopping here is a great way to end the drive on the way up.   Especially if you follow it with a few hours wandering around Rhinebecks' shops and then stop at that little beer and wine bar right in Rhinebeck center.  I highly recommend an early Friday start to the weekend!

Maybe some traffic on the way into the Fair Sat AM, but nuns behind seem a positive omen during an annoying drive, don't they? 

Questionable signs along the way were pretty entertaining and provided conversational  fodder for the rest of the weekend.
(Really, think about this for a second.  It's disturbing)

Elspeth and Stacey looking AMAZING in their Allegheny dresses! There are much better pics of these two, but it was about to pour so here's the dark and dreary moment when we managed to all be in the same spot as a camera!

The fun of doctoring up everyone's hot cider all day Saturday - Pam was a willing participant!  I had a few choices in my bag - either burbon and orange bitters, or a premixed concoction of orange vodka, pomegranate and cognac.   Seems people expect this of me, so I had more than a few takers over the course of the day, and was glad to be doubly prepared.

Meat Parfait!  
Can you see this thing?? Layers of mashed potato, different meat, cole slaw and barbeque sauce.  W/ a rib stuck in the side and a tomato on top!!.  Stitchy was kind enough to share the rest of this puppy when she ran off for a shoot.  Mmmmm.  And almost as tasty, below, a stick full of potato chips -- which is no small feat of modern engineering.   Can't beat the fair food.

Babycocktails knits in the wild.  This is the lovely Natalie in her Cassis, which she rocked with the coolest boots that you can't see.  She's one many Ravelers I've "spoken" to online and got to meet in person this weekend.  Thanks so much for coming up and saying hi to all of you!  So fun :-)

My travel buddies, Diana and Erin.   Love going away with these two!

The best spot to get your hot cider - it's $1 cheaper than the food vendors and served by local 4H kids.  Plus there's' donuts and muffins.

Seeing a few of my knits out in the wild..  I think this will never get old. 

Meeting Ann and Kay of Mason Dixon knitting around the waffle iron at our hotel, and then seeing them again at the fair,I also got to meet Gale Zucker!  All three couldn't be nicer.  Always a WOW moment to meet some of these people in person.

That's my random array of pics.  Am now back home and ready to get back on track.

You may notice I didn't wear the green cardigan.  Don't worry, it's what I'm about to begin writing today, so it's a coming. 


Pants said...


Kym said...

So glad you had such a fabulous time! Looks like a perfect weekend.

Nathalie said...

Love it! It was great to meet you in "real" life ... so glad we got to chat. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend.

Patty said...

What a blast! Someday Thea!!!

Nicole said...

Oh, I did not know you were going to be there, I was there in my Madelinetosh Vintage Fig Cassis, along with my 10 children and dh, all in handknit sweaters as well~we would have been hard to miss or not remember, lol! I would have loved to have met you, oh well, next year maybe?

Dorothy said...

If I ever manage to get there, I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for you and your cider additives! It sounds like a great time all the way around.

Hilary said...

Looks like an AMAZING weekend, and what a great recap! Rhinebeck seriously sounds like the most fun place/event in the history of the world...I must get out there one day. Especially if you're there spiking the cider!

Beaver Stump Grinding? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Hubby said...

Not to mention the joy of getting away from the hubby and kids!

Anonymous said...

Not joy of getting away, just joy of time to recharge for another bout of LOOOVVE for you all. xo