Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One of my favorite parts of being a designer is seeing all of your FOs pop up.   I love seeing how you modify the patterns, what yarns you use, how you style your knits.  I am absolutely inspired by the fun you have shooting (or look like you are having!), and how happy most of you look modeling all your hard work.   I admit I have a hard time not hitting the "fave button" every time I see one of you in your  knits out there on the web, but I try to keep it to only 2 or 3 a day.

I also try to take the time to check whatever comments you guys make.  Since the rest of the world is seeing your thoughts on my patterns, I may as well know what's being said, right?  But, thanks to the amazing reach of the web, not all of you are in my part of the world, and not all of you comment in English!

Enter Google Translate.  This is a beautiful thing, but it has a really hard time with Russian.  I'm  not sure why, since it does a lovely job with German and French and most the Scandanavian languages, but Russian is always amusing.  So... this weekend, Kaveshicka's White Swan popped up in my FO list.  She's from Altai, Russia.  

Her Allegheny is really gorgeous - those pics could have come right out of a Vogue magazine, and she had a few things to say, so I cut and pasted right into Google translate and found out the following things:

1.  She caught this big chunk of undyed yarn in her reel.   (while fishing?)
2.  All the spokes are connected by gum in the top half of the dress
3.  The gain on the skirt is made of rubber bands. 

As long as it doesn't claim she's been knitting on her pet schnauzer or working in smoked meat, I guess we're OK.    
Do check out her dress though, it's AMAZING!


Less amazing is my finished  Sweater that has no name.   I'm getting there, just haven't decided.

All this guy needs is some blocking, a few days of pattern writing, and an hour with Caro's camera.  My goal with this was to create a muffin top hiding pullover.   Yes, that was my actual goal.   

Post Halloween/Thanksgiving, I can attest to the power of the design.  The muffin top has arrived in full form, and the clever ribbing placement and needle tricks hide it just in time.  I may not be able to write it up in time for this year's muffin top knitting, but it should be ready to go by late Jan or early Feb.  And you can all knit it in time for next year's holiday gut needs - or the late winter pudge, either way.   It'll be a handy sweater to have around, don't you think?  I may need to do a cardigan with the same magical properties.

In addition to creating gut Spanx out of wool, I have been playing with flowers for St. Germain.   Pretty, right?

And lastly,  the latest on Mint Julep -

All this guy is waiting on is the final edit, but my tech editor went into labor this week!  (the nerve, right?)  She knew about the baby beforehand, so I had plenty of time to figure things out. 

(She's not from the TV show where the all the mothers sudden realize they're having a baby.... and they're totally surprised.   Which completely perplexes me.  Even if they're that stupid, their friends and family don't see it?  No one says anything? )  Anyways...

Whether I actually did figure things out ahead of time is another story.  And if any of the the three tech editors that got my emails this AM are reading, they may be chuckling right now.  Ahem,

So, I'm thinking next week instead of this one. 


Anonymous said...

Muffin top hiding pullover? Just what I need right now!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

#1 I love you, a muffin top hiding design. You re all over my queue! Can't wait.

Tante J said...

Mint Julip looks like a great go-to cardigan and anything that hides muffin tops is a winner in my book, especially when it has a cool collar and, um, ya, cables!

Amy J said...

I'm singing with the choir...hide the muffin tops :) Love that was the goal...still smiling!
And love the new designs you have coming out! Perfect!!

TheOtherSarah said...

Thanks for the giggle to start my day!

Love the muffin top hiding sweater, just what I'll be needing after this baby comes. And it's so pretty...

Hilary said...

Hahaha....that is hilarious! (I had to look up the full translation, just to see.) I'd really love to know about her tricks with gum and rubber bands...

I'm also cracking up at the "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" references. My favorite is always, "Well, we were using the rhythm method, but my cycles were really irregular..." COME ON PEOPLE!

Aside from the hilarity...those are some beautiful knits you've got going on! And Mint Julep...loooove.

Beverly said...

Did you see how quickly she knit the dress too? WOW! I think we must have the same tech editor. I had to get another one to pinch hit for me! What cracked me up is she actually sent me a message letting me know she was going into labor and wouldn't be able to tech edit. Honestly, honey, you didn't need to write. I would have understood!

Kristen said...

Gasp, that white swan is absolutely gorgeous! And the photos...suddenly my grinning in front of my computer screen is even worse than ever. I need to step things up a bit.

Anyway, you are a funny gal and I giggle each time I read a post. I look forward to muffin top hider sweater.

(please please fav me whenever I make one of your designs)

Seanna Lea said...

That is an awesome awesome goal for a sweater. I luckily don't gain any weight over Thanksgiving, but it is probably the time of the year I'm most vigilant (though I make so many sweets at this time of the year that I have to be extra careful anyway).

Turtle said...

lol at translations. loveint the fibery goodness , as usual! Hmm, a name for the purple lovely.... sticking with drink themes, the first thing that immediately entered my mind was "purple jesus" or maybe "purple godsmack" lol.

Thea said...

OMG, there's something called a Purple Jesus?? Not sure I can name it that, but am going to google the recipe because it's too funny.

MicheleinMaine said...

A muffin top- hiding pullover is the holy grail for me! Heck, any clothing article that hides the muffin top would be awesome. Can't wait to see this one, as well as the lambic cowl - I have some Bashful all lined up for that one!

A question - will there be Plucky yarns at the Winchester trunk show in January? Just curious!

Thanks for all your great patterns!

Thea said...

Yes, there will be plucky yarns at the trunk show!

And thanks all, for the nice comments about the upcoming designs, I'm just waiting on technical things, and will post as soon as I can!