Monday, November 07, 2011

I know I mentioned to you guys a while back about how we have to go to the dump in my new town.  And I may have alluded to the Swap Shop there, where people leave any stuff they might consider useful to others?  

Well, I've been finding lots of stuff that's useful to me and I thought it was time to share a few -especially since I managed to find this amazing book this weekend and cannot wait to try out some of the fantastic recpies inside! They had me at the celery olive sticks on the cover, but inside are some seriously awesome party snacks.

I am so worth that holiday invite now, and yes, you want me in your Rhinebeck house next year -  
just look what I can bring!


Seriously, Pickle-salami cornucopia, Stuffed mushroom caps, Smoky meat balls, Hot pepper pecans, Asparagus stuffed eggs,  Clam dip, Ham puffs...  The Seventies were the age of the appetizer, I tell you.   Trust me when I say there's so much more.   

Besides trolling the dump for cookbooks, I also found this perfect coffee table for the upstairs guest room/kids hangout space.

 Already painted yellow - in the perfect size and shape for their little Uggs to rest on while they watch Cupcake Wars.


 And downstairs in the entry hall, we've had a few storage/coat hanging issues, since there is that big grate on the floor which we can't put anything on top of.  But this shelf is kind of perfect.  It's exactly the size and shape we needed, and it's painted iron, so it can take a few coats.   (And no, we still have not painted this part of the house - the mint green will disappear in time.)

 See?  And the price was right.   If you think about it, I'm trading my trash for the treasures above. There's more, but I'll wait until their respective areas are done and they are in use before sharing the next batch of finds.   I've been told my enthusiasm will be greatly lessened in the middle of winter, but for now, I am still loving my dump.

This weekend, we also got Zoe's room finished up with a few curtains and an IKEA rug - all which were actually purchased at a store.  She's very happy about her cozy new digs.  But not happy enough to actually make her bed.   

Besides the home improvement, last week's snow made me realize I needed some gloves pronto.   I seem to have lost my sidecar mittens in the move, which bums me out greatly - but undaunted, I have cast on for a new pair before the next storm.   These aren't sidecars, but will be something else.  However, I do have another skein to make sidecars when I'm done here -  I just need to decide which scrap skein of sock yarn matches the deep blue, and I can cast on.

And I don't have a new drink to share yet - besides the martinis, we hung out with the Wine Fairy this weekend, and when with the Wine Fairy, you're drinking wine.   Which is good, but lacks any kind of share-able recipe. 

I'll have another soon.


Seanna Lea said...

It is pretty much mulled wine season, so you might be able to have a recipe for that!

magli840 said...

OMG! Seriously the olive filled cheese balls are a family recipe of ours, I never knew where they came from! Our recipe is slightly different (paprika not cayenne)but I love them, I make my mom do them every Christmas.

Kristen said...

That is my book that I gave away last year. How did my sweet book travel all the way from the west coast to the east coast? Doe it have little legs? I think I miss her now that she has been blogged about. mwwwaaa, I'm craving olive filled cheese balls.

Ruth said...

My oldest has that same bedding set, with her walls painted the same color, no less! I like your rug better.

Kathy said...

Your house looks great!! So cozy!! I've heard that the swap shop at the Wellesley dump is amazing.

Turtle said...

love it, my mom has great luck at her dump too... maybe i need to cancel my garbage pick up and see if we have a cool corner at ours!

Kym said...

You mean. . . some kids MAKE their beds? ;-) Great finds at the dump!

Susan said...

LOVE those olive-cheese balls! When my husband and I were virtual newlyweds (back in the early 1970's) we lived in Williamsburg, VA while he attended graduate school. The second year we were there, Colonial Williamsburg published a new cookbook full of recipes they used in CW restaurants. One of them was the Olive-Cheese balls. I think all our grad school friends made them for every party and get-together we went to!