Thursday, November 17, 2011

    The latest photos that were on my camera, for your viewing enjoyment...

A properly installed owl bottle opener on the kitchen wall.  A few hits and misses here, but we finally found the stud so it WONT get ripped back out of the  plaster again.   Lucky for me, the actual owl hides the holes..  Only one Tiki Head seems to care.

Pile of knits for a shoot with Caro.

And if I can just finish knitting this, I'll add it to the pile before tomorrow.  Hmm.  Anyone taking bets?

This is the best hidden Williams Sonoma secret ever.  This awesome, thousand pound, glass cake stand is only $30 -  and it turns into a giant bowl!   I know it weighs a thousand pounds since I carried the damn thing around the mall.   Craig pointed out it's also a giant wine glass.  Funny, that.

Really, it's for Maya, so she has someplace to put all the things she bakes that I should not eat.

Spiced Pear vodka makes a great martini.  With a little lemon bitters and floating cranberry.  The cranberry is just pretty.

Creme de Cassis does not make a good martini.  Nothing floating in it would change that.

And a day in the city with the girls will yield a slew of goofy pictures.

And then, if I'm lucky, I'll get a couple of good ones.

 Off to get my hair cut now and then back to knit on that purple thing.   I may take a while though.  My new haircut joint is next to the yarn shop.  Turns out everything in this town is right near the yarn shop....
Edited to add:  Came back from haircut with a skein of Peruvia Quick and a bottle of St. Germain.  


Hilary said...

A town centered around the yarn shop? Seriously, why did you not move there YEARS ago? And can I please move there, too?

That owl bottle opener is fabulous. And the cake stand/bowl? Coolest thing ever!

Seanna Lea said...

Why do I not have this cake stand? I could use it for cake and for trifle (though not at the same time).

Andrea said...

I have that same WS cake stand and I can attest to its weight. I bought it the same day I bough WS's set of 10, nested, glass mixing bowls. I thought my arms were going to snap off just trying to make it to the car.