Friday, November 18, 2011

 I guess that's what I do all the time, but the title seemed especially appropriate for where I am this morning.  


Those of you in my Ravelry group know I'm looking at red tweeds and trying to find the perfect one for a sweater coat idea I've got sketched out.  I've gotten some great suggestions, and the stray skein pile is growing!   It doesn't help that I have to walk past the yarn shop to do just about anything in town.  

So far, my favorite shade is the dark red Peruvia Quick (not exactly a tweed, but so exactly the right color).   I have more on the way, but for now this partial pile of my red collection looked so pretty next to the pillow there that I had to take the shot.   If you have a favorite red tweed suggestion, I'd love to hear it!  Aran or bulky weight.  (Because, really, who has the time for a DK or sport weight sweater during the holidays?)

The other thing I've been playing with (This was not this morning, but last night.) is St. Germain.

 The store is right near the place where I got my hair cut yesterday, so how could I not walk in?  I was powerless once I saw the cool bottle and read the story about old men gathering flowers in sacks, which they transport on bicycle to be made into elderberry blossom liquor.  It really does taste a little like flowers!  Plus, there is an amazing website full of recipes, which all seem very appropriate and celebratory for the upcoming season.  (Besides, I have a new pullover in need of a name and St. Germain might just do the trick.)

Last night, we started with the  St. Germain Gimlet.   So good we may have each had 2.  Or 3.  

(They are very small in these glasses.  I need proper martini glasses for Hanukkah, just in case anyone, ahem,  is reading.. Vintage, ebay)

Anyways, I digress..

St. Germain Gimlet

In a shaker, pour equal parts gin (They specifically say Plymouth and we had it.) and St Germain.  1.5 oz per drink was what I used.
4-6 ice cubes
3 drops angrostura bitters per drink
squeeze 2 lime slices per drink
Shake and pour. 

It's sweet and sour and herbal all at once. 


In other news, we should be all set for Thanksgiving. 

This is last month, but these guys keep wandering around the yard next door.  Think these two will feed 18?


Hilary said...

Ooooh, those reds are so pretty! The Peruvia looks really nice and seems like it would knit up pretty fast.

St. Germain is pretty good, huh? I try to get Neill a new type of booze every birthday and Christmas and I happened upon St. Germain recently.

Glad you've got Thanksgiving covered already! :)

Seanna Lea said...

I think Berocco Blackstone Tweed might be a nice option. That red isn't quite as merlot-y as the Peruvia that you've got in the pile.

Amy said...

I am making something with this right now, and it is super yummy. there appear to be 2 red colors...

Kathy said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with! I was looking at your dress design last night and wondering if I could swing it -- it's super cute on you!!

Sage said...

I like to add St. Germain to champagne or sparkling wine. Cheers!

Valerie said...

Firt time my comment did not go through, I was thinking you could use Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter in the colorway "Long Johns". Very lovely color definition. Using it now for a scarf. Thanks for the beautiful designs. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Is that létt lopi I see there???