Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Am hoping this is the FINAL chapter in the leaky roof/collapsed ceiling saga of my poor little office.  Once more, everything is getting cleared out and I get to live in the dining room for a few days.   The office will be painted and we plan on give the floors a little love, and then, only then, will I actually move all my stuff into its permanent Babycocktails home.   The pumpkin plan is getting ditched and the walls will now be really cool green called Olive Tree.  The entry way is getting the pumpkin instead, since we couldn't actually give it up all together.  I think the green will be great next to the dark blue of the Dining Room, and it's just vibrant enough that I'll never fall asleep while working.   It will also look amazing when leaves are on the trees out the glass doors, and I think that maybe I can stop knitting in green if surrounded by it.

For now, nobody can eat in the dining room.   I have a pile system.

And something new to work on.   (yes, it's on a pile)

This is my accidental Quince & Co purchase, when I thought Lark was Osprey and Osprey was Lark.   I"m just not that focused some days.  But it's kind of a happy accident because I ended up with twice as much yarn, and it's keeping me busy while I wait for two more yarn deliveries - one from the Plucky Knitter (destined to be a hoodie) and the other from Blue Sky Alpacas (destined to be something really cozy and cabled). 

In the meantime, I'm going to have a burbon, ginger ale and lime.   
Lime goes with my green theme, for anyone really paying attention!


Ness said...

My boyfriend doesn't appreciate my living room pile system. :/ I hope yours gets more love. :) I hope you get your office back soon too! It must be rough moving in and out of it all the time!

Triona said...

I TOTALLY have a dining room table pile system. We eat elsewhere--luckily hubby understands, being a writer who's often surrounded by notebooks, laptop, index cards, etc.

QuiltedSimple said...

I am SO GLAD that someone else (besides me) ordered Lark thinking it was Osprey....(I did that for Mint Julep)....but it's a good thing - cause now I have enough Lark for a sweater!!!!

Turtle said...

love the green! i need to add some new color around our home this winter... but our room has been painted 3 times already, lol. May have to play in my craft room as well! The bright blue is starting to get to me... maybe a softer robins egg or terra cotta (one wall choc brown i want to keep that) Been addicted to the highly fattening bottled eggnog, it has bourbon, whiskey, scotch etc in it and is delicious! i water it down a little to feel less guilty.

Anonymous said...

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Hilary said...

Haha, I love the pile system. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at it), Neill is a much worse piler than I am, so he doesn't seem to notice mine.

Your office is going to be awesome! Totally jealous.