Thursday, December 01, 2011

 Another collaboration with ThePluckyKnitter!  And this one gives you three patterns in one. 

After knitting myself the original cowl,  I was too hooked on the stitch repeat to stop, so I decided there could be a scarf version as well.  Then, while writing, it seemed only right to work the numbers so a wrap could also be created, in case someone was lucky enough to have a bigger stash of this gorgeous yarn to use up.   

The stitch pattern here is truly addicting, and the combination of cabled texture and delicate lace in the handdyed yarn is so beautiful as it works up that it's hard to put down once you begin.   The Primo is a dream to knit with - the subtle variation in color, plus the distinct stitch definition really showcase the pattern to a T.   And that combination of merino and cashmere feels just lovely while you're working it. Plus it's so pretty... and, again, hard to put down.

(The lovely color and texture which you see in these pics is thanks to the photo genius of Caro Sheridan, aka Splityarn.  As always :-)

(The scarf below, is done in the color Bashful)

By playing with dimensions and a distinct cable border, I made each of the three versions into a different take on the same idea.    As always with my patterns, instructions are included for a number of ways to modify these for whatever length and width your wardrobe and stash seem to work best with!

Both the wrap and scarf are worked flat, in one long rectangle.  The cowl is worked in the round. 


 The cowl is done in the color En Vogue.

 There are three sizes given for the cowl, and I have the smallest on here - but it's still big enough for doubling around the neck. 


(Edited to add:  in the pics, I was wearing the cables on the top, but in real life, I find I wear them facing down, with the lace on the top, folded towards my neck.  Either way works, I'm just sayin' it's an option...) 

Kits to purchase the yarn and pattern directly from ThePluckyKnitter will be available later, and I will be sure to post about it as soon as we have information on when.  She has some great new colors in the works, (and rumor has it some not-so-repeatables), so stay tuned!  

Worth waiting for, I'm sure.  But...we decided to release the pattern solo first, rather than hold onto it, while so many of you have yarn in hand and holiday travel planned.  Why let all that airport waiting or passenger seat sitting go to waste?  


The specs are all on Ravelry, but here are a few FYI basics:

Gauge:  5 st per 1", blocked lightly in stockinette
Needles:  US#7/4.5mms or size to get gauge

Sizes/Yarn Requirements:  
Cowl = 35(39,42)" long x 10" wide  - 400-600 yds
Scarf = 56" long x 12/5" wide - 600 yds
Wrap = 60" long x 18.5" wide - 900 yds


And as for the drink on this one, the Lambic is best served cold and with no extra embellishments. 

It's a pretty sweet beer, kind of festive and dessert-y.  Could be a fun thing to bring to a holiday dinner.  The bottle itself sure does look pretty - that red on top is shiny and tin-foily, and it has both a cork AND a bottle cap.  (which seems important to note...)


Again, I thank you guys for all your patience and your continued support of me and my designs during the long, dry spell that was moving and settling into our new home.   We're now moved and settled, and I'm hiring an actual painter to finish what I haven't done, so I can get back to the knitting and the cocktails properly.

There's lots more in the works these days, and I am planning for one more pattern release next week! 


The A.D.D. Knitter said...

Love this!! And HELLO this is my first time posting on your blog, how can that be??

Jessie said...

Those are lovely! And, I have to say, I've recently found your blog and I love the knitting/drinking dynamic duo! You're sort of my role model, now.. ;)

Turtle said...

i adore Lambic, all flavors! lol, i think i was about 9 when i had my first... gotta luv dad, lol!

great looking stitch pattern, will have to pick this up once i finish holiay knitting and the craft fairs, make myself something! :)

janna said...

Bought! I love the scarf -- I have trouble finding scarf patterns I like, because they all seem to narrow. But this one is perfect!

Ness said...

Mmmmmmm...Lambic is my favorite! Love the new patterns!

Carmel said...

woohoo!!! I'm so excited about this! You know how I love lace and texture Thea!! Love it...Going to buy the Lambic on my way home tonight.

Kym said...

Just lovely, Thea!

Hilary said...

I don't know how I missed this last week -- it is really, really beautiful.

Seanna Lea said...

This is a gorgeous set of patterns and the yarn looks absolutely luscious!