Friday, January 27, 2012

Anyone who knows me well will probably snicker at that.   I've never really tried to stay ON any of the proverbial wagons out there, since my lack of interest in making rules about self deprivation runs deep.   But I do try and keep a lid on the spending  when it comes to my favorite things to acquire.  Those things include:  (and are not limited to) yarn, booze, and various types of clothing, like boots.   I am happy to say I did not buy any boots today.  

The yarn and booze are both another story.   Earlier, I met up with a couple of  friends in Belmont.  Belmont has a very cool little beer shop, which I'd been meaning to check out.   Once inside, I absolutely had to walk out with something.   You cannot leave this shop without something, because it's all so cozy and colorful and the women who own the place are great.   (On Leonard St, in Belmont, it's called the Craft Beer Cellar -- if you 're local)

The thingy holds six, right?   I got six.
My drive home took me past Wild and Wooly, which  is having their annual clearance sale.  And there was parking out front.  
(Sorry Jody, I didn't plan it, would have called you!)

Keep in mind, I have just gotten and wound this in the past week for 3 separate projects I have yet to begin.  Yarn is also on the way for two more, and my little yarn cubbies are full.   I do not need yarn.   Not at all.

But they have discounted bags on the floor during the sale, and today the bags are an EXTRA 10% off.  And there was Rowan Tweed in those bags.  There is something physical that happens when you see clearance tags and giant bags of yarn on the floor.   If the yarn was neatly piled in the bins, I don't think I'd have had such a problem walking away, but those bags whisper to me when they're strewn around the rug, and they absolutely look like they need to be loved and taken home.     

So I did.  Two bags (some control there...).  One of Rowan DK tweed in this amazing orangey red, and another of the E. Lavold Calm Wool.  The Rowan may have a job already, as I am swatching and playing with tweeds for a late winter pullover.   The Calm doesn't yet have a role to play, but I've got 15 skeins of it, so I  need to figure out something or get some new cubes to store yarn in.
Lastly (for a long post, sorry),  I realize it's been a while since I shared any drinks, so here are the last two I managed to photograph:

This was Wednesday Night's cocktail, with a friend who stopped by:

2 oz Bourbon
fill glass with ginger ale
 dash of orange bitters
sliced lime and ice cubes

And this was the mimosa recipe from last weekend's brunch with Sarah and Hayley and Christine.

One bottle of champagne
half a gallon of OJ
4-6 oz of orange vodka
a few squeezes of lemon juice
orange slices and ice cubes

Now that I'm caught up on cocktail recipes,  I'd better get moving with all that yarn you just saw. 
Have a good weekend!!


Dani said...

Ooooo, I have such a weakness for tweeds!

Laurie said...

Can't be ding'd for what you use!

Christine S said...

Sounds like a good day to me!!

QuiltedSimple said...

Lovely had more control than I would have!!!!

janna said...

Yarn on sale doesn't count. And I love bourbon and ginger ale -- maybe I need to find some orange bitters to go with it!

Hubby said...

Yarn on sale most certainly does count. It only doesn't count when also bought with carefully selected craft beer.

Evelyn said...

I agree with Janna ... sale yarns don't count! Great additions to your stash.

Turtle said...

Awe, can't i just live next door, i think we'd be great friends, lol... treasure hunting at the dump, hitting up the liquor events, the fiber events...looking for the inevitable bargain and knitting! I have not yet discovered my perfect "friend" match here. Close with one friend but she doesn't get the knitting, she does appreciate it as as she is a crafter. We camp most weekends with them, as well as take vacations with them. We lovingly call her and her hubby our second mom/dad as they are our parents age but such fun! (not saying your not fun mom, lol) So.... any plans to relocate to the northwest!! :) (kidding) If i had never left NEngland... enjoy the weekend!

dclulu said...

Belmont has a *beer* shop? I grew up there and last I knew of it, the town was dry. How things change!

Seanna Lea said...

I really want to have a drink right now. Yours are pretty tasty looking (and well, I have a glass with the Bad Idea Bears that wants to be used).

Thea said...

Do tell me more about the BAd Idea Bears, sounds kinda funny.