Tuesday, February 28, 2012

 I spent the last day of February Break in Salem, with my two girls, a knitterly friend, and her adorable baby.  

And since you always have to meet up with your knitting friends in the nearest yarn shop, we spent a little time in Seed Stitch.  Seed Stitch is one of those cozy yarn shops with exposed brick walls, a big comfy sofa and magazines on every table.  It just needs a coffee window and you could spend the day.  It didn't hurt that the owner's daughter was behind the counter and exactly Zoe's age either.   It may have been a long day in the shop, since little Maisie had already made a blanket fort out of the sofa and a sample knit or two.  Zoe was happy to climb on in, and I was able to sniff around the store.

We all know I don't need a single skein of yarn right now, but I did need these vintage buttons.  Our lunch was tasty, the girls loved the museum, we saw a Taylor Lautner lookalike (wearing a very small loincloth) do a few tribal dances, the baby was charming, and we even hit a magic shop.  It was a good day for everyone, although I have no drink to share, since it's a drive away.

Now that break is over, I'm working busily on this spring design.  After a few weeks in limbo, it's finally flying off the needles.  The yarn is the Plucky Knitter's new MCN Sport, in this lovely shade of brown, called Lincoln. I am a bit in love with this color, which is coppery and rustic, like old pennies.  With a tan and a tank top and old shorts, I have high hopes.

Plus, I already have the perfect name/drink for it...  Charleston Tea.


Seanna Lea said...

I've never been to Seed Stitch, and it has been forever since I last went to Salem in general (there was a cross-stitch store there, and I'm not sure that it is still around).

QuiltedSimple said...

I wish I could love this one 100000 times! It is beautiful:-)

Missus Vonkysmeed said...

From your teaser shots I already love how this newest design is looking. Can't wait to see the finished piece!

Diane said...

Can't wait for this pattern release...of course with the gorgeous weather in New England I could have used this sweater....