Friday, March 30, 2012

Time to catch up a bit here, if you'll bear with me.

  It's been a "busy" (you can airquote that) week, and I've resorted to the cocktail version of microwave dinner.  Not that I ever claim to be a cocktail purist, but generally I do go through the steps to make the stuff.   This week, I'm loving the powder.  And honestly, if I'm being true to the 1960s nature of the MadMen season premiere, or the generation who put whisky sour on my radar,  they were pretty fond of their Jello and Spam shortcuts, so the Bar Tenders Instant is actually very appropriate.

I really love how the box says "New Look! Same Great Taste" even though the look was new in 1974.  Anyways, I suggest you pick up a box or two and keep em in the cabinet. Some busy night, you'll totally thank me. 
As for pattern news, I've been in a bit of happy shock over your response to Vodka Lemonade!    I want to put a big Thank You out there to all of you for your comments and kind words and enthusiasm (70 projects on Rav already??) and for the crazy-amazing fact that you had my pattern in the top 5 on Ravelry's What's Hot page for almost a week!   I  know, since I may have checked once or twice.

I have to admit that I spent most the week a bit distracted, checking the stats again and again, and this in no small way added to my need of powdered cocktails.  But now that the pattern is launched and being knit, I'm just looking forward to seeing all of your projects and to the ability to stay away from the screen for hours at a time again.  (uh huh..)

During my week of distraction, I did finish another shawl pattern.  I've been knocking a few of these out in the background this winter, under the premise that I'm researching different methods of shawl construction and design - with the plan of a Plucky project this summer.   In reality, I'm becoming a little obsessed with these patterns and can't wait to do a few more to help me decide...

This time it was Kirsten Kapur's Snow Drops and Snap Peas, a design I loved the moment it came out, but hadn't gotten around to actually making until now.  I think it's the perfect balance between feminine and not so fussy, and it was a great pattern to memorize for TV knitting.  Under that, on my dressform here, is Gudrun's Aestlight, another amazing pattern which I find I wear a lot, and Classic Elite's Highland Fling.  Each scarf is a different shape and uses different techniques, so I'm slowly figuring out what I want to do for my own.  But I do think a few more of these will be necessary before I decide.  

Scarf and shawl knitters,  here's where you can help a girl out and put in your two cents towards a future project.   Tell me what you guys love about your favorite ones - texture, great lace, interesting construction, the perfect size... whatever it is, I'd love to know.

The yarn I used for Snap Peas is Ball and Skein's Sophia, which I got at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool festival a year ago.  They will be there again - and in VT and CT and ME, so if you see them at a festival, be sure to check their yarns out - the colors are just beautiful.  And they look perfect in a shawl like these!!

Way before I get to finishing up any scarf designs though, Charleston Tea is on deck and the test knitters are nearing their button bands.  In my "busy" (airquotes again) week, I'd forgotten to send them the button band directions, so am getting that done right now.  As you can tell.

Anyways, Mid April is what I'm thinking, and I've begun coordinating with ThePluckyKnitter so there could, maybe, probably be kits.

Have a good weekend!


Suze said...

I love the look of shawls, but I never bother to knit them unless they are narrow and long enough to pass as a scarf. Wearability is key. Just my 2 cents :)

janna said...

I like all shawls in all sizes and yarn weights, but they really have to have some lace -- I've knit one or two non-lace shawls and got really bored! Lately, I really like lace done in DK or worsted weight, but I suspect I'll be back to lace and fingering weights soon. I also currently like the narrower, crescent-shape sort. But really all sizes and styles, but they have to have lace.

Kym said...

Winners, all, Thea! (Although I'm not completely sold on the powdered cocktails. . .)

terri said...

I finished the Vodka Lemonade collar this evening. I had to set it aside as I could not work the set up rows and watch old Star Trek at the same time. She says while pulling Vodka Gimlet snugly around her,

Diane said...

I Laughed when I saw the Bartender's Instant...growing that box of Whiskey Sour Mix was always a staple....I think my Mom still has a box from the '70s.....anxiously waiting Charleston Tea...I am heading to So Carolina in May and this is going to be my vacation week project....and I'm actually going to Charleston......have a great weekend and keep the patterns go to shawl pattern is Oaklet...I've made about 6 of them and have one waiting to be blocked........

Sarah-Hope said...

I love a shawl that is made from heavy enough yarn to be "scrunchy." I've knit a gazillion shawls, but the scrunchy ones are the ones I really wear. I fin that to get this feeling one needs garter stitch, ribbing, and/or sideways construction.

A curved neckline is nice—makes it easier to keep the shawl around one's shoulders.

Finally, when I started designing and knitting shawls I did mostly traditional triangles, but I now prefer crescents or triangles with a bit more shaping because I like a long width to depth ratio.

Sandra said...

Bar Tenders Instant, hah--I was never going to mention that for fear of being cast out of the circle so I'm tickled to see you know of it :). I may have a couple packs stashed. Or twelve. I cannot wait for Charleston Tea--knowing there might be Plucky kits is helping me cope though. Oh, and shawls! I just finished my first full sized shawl and am now obsessed. I can't believe how wearable it is--and get this, I'm wearing it as a shawl, not a scarf. It helps that it's not fussy. So yes, I'm officially into shawls. And now I learn you're to design one soon?? Kismet I tell you, kismet...:)

Anonymous said...

I saw the "Info only" post on the Ravelry group. I'm really looking forward to the release of Charleston Tea!

Thanks very much for including plus sizes :)