Sunday, March 04, 2012

This pattern came to be after spending a few days with The Plucky Knitter herself, her sister Hayley, and their friend Christine.  All three of us are huge boot fans, and the need for legwarmers was hard to deny.    

 The legwarmers feature an intricate medallion design meant to peek out of the top of your boots.  The medallions end in cables, which continue down the calf and end in ribbing.  This is a super quick and easy project and the legwarmers are a great accessory that easily gives a bit of style to a simple jeans, boots and jacket outfit.   They'd also be pretty cozy snuggled up on the sofa over leggings.

The yarn is Plucky's Primo Sport, in Bisque, which matches brown leather kind of perfectly.   The pattern gives you options for making shorter boot "dickies"using only 1 skein --- or with 2 skeins, you can make either calf length under-boot legwarmers like these, or a long. slouchier version.  They are easy to modify for any length, and there's also notes on altering the width as you like.

 The moment snow fell last week, I grabbed Maya and took these photos on our back deck during the few moments we actually had something pretty on the ground.  I'm a little afraid she's after my boots now, but it was a good thing I did it - as the snow was mostly gone the next day and the yard was full of footsteps!

Although Caro was at work and the snow would not wait, her pointers about how to photograph your knits came in super handy!

 The pattern is available for $4.50 on the sidebar above or on Ravelry
All the details are here, but a few of them are below.

Yarn:  The Plucky Knitter Primo Sport in Bisque (1-2 skeins)
Needles:  US#4/4.25mm
Gauge:  7sts, 9-10 rows per 1", in stockinette, lightly blocked
  Width:  11(13)" around top,  9(11)" around ankle.
 Length:  varied


As for the Vernors Cocktail,   it comes straight from Sarah and Hayley.   I've been hearing about this particular soda from the knitters on the Plucky Forum for months, and to be honest, I've been dying to try it!  It's not exactly ginger ale, but a ginger soda - it has a little bite,  a hint of vanilla and a special little surprise if you sniff it (achoo!). 

Cream Soda with a Kick

1.5 oz vanilla vodka
6 oz Vernors
ice cubes (which were not necessary in the snow)


Drink this one with a little toast to Debra Kooistra  (1954-2012).


QuiltedSimple said...

Yay! I can post Jessie's legwarmers now - although I don't think she has taken them off since Friday...and we got SNOW last night so today when she gets home from school we can get some decent pics!!! Although I don't have Frye boots, but seeing yours I might have to look for some....

Jennifer said...

Loving this idea of leg warmers over my pants and under my boots. Will definitely be checking this pattern out. Thanks for more great projects!! Side note, although I'm sure you have already heard, Vernors is especially great for helping upset tummys too. The fizz and the super ginger are great for settling relief. :)

pat said...

We like to sail around here in MN - Land of 10,00 Lakes including Superior) and we love a drink we made up called a Keel Haul: a double jigger of spicy rum. squirt of bitters, and fill the glass with ice and Vernors. YUMMMMMM! You have to try it.
Love the boot toppers!

Anonymous said...

Oooh Pat, that sounds GOOD!

Must give it a shot :-)