Monday, April 23, 2012

Brooklyn isn't the usual spring break destination around here, but that's where we were last week. 

A day in Coney Island meant beach time and hot dogs.

We took a walk under the bridge in the morning, and another walk over it in the afternoon.

We explored lots of charming neighborhoods.

With very cool brownstones and shops that don't appear in malls nationwide.

There were bagels and brunches and barbeque and old school pizza. 

And a few of these every afternoon.
(If I remember correctly, the left was a dark and stormy and the right was a romero sour.)

 But we're home now and the knitting will resume!


QuiltedSimple said...

Yay! I have both my dk tweed and my Blue Sky Skinny Cotton wound!!! Still cool here so i'm thinking tweed first.....:)

Sandra said...

How fun. And gorgeous shots. Am planning to storm NYC w/ the kids this summer. Afternoon cocktails are a must!!

Hilary said...

Sounds like a ton of fun....and incredibly delicious! Hot dogs, bagels, yummm...

Sandy said...

Doing some blog walking and found myself here. Looks like it was a nice spring break with interesting sites. And we all know all days end better with a cocktail in hand. Swing by for a visit, the welcome mats always out.