Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The sweater on my needles is seriously not behaving as hoped, and I've just realized it's time to frog and begin anew.  I can't blame the sweater, since this is one of those times I was designing by spidey sense.  I know that sounds like a stupid idea, but really it sometimes does work.   However, this one got a little too crazy and complicated.  And I'm kind of standing at the bottom of a hole wondering if I can fudge my way back out.  So, a deep sigh, a nifty Excel spreadsheet, and a very organized lace chart later, I'm ready to do it.  And do it right this time.

After a short post.  Right?  

It was a photo heavy weekend, so how about a recap? It's even yarn-related - I went up to New Hampshire Sheep and Wool on Saturday AM with my buddy Emily.  We saw all the pretty yarns, ate buffalo sausage and hot dogs for lunch,  managed to pass the funnel cakes by, and hung out for a bit with Ellen Mason, who's awesome.  She's just designed something gorgeous for the Ball and Skein yarn below, so we spent a little time admiring things.      

We saw some baby bunnies and alpacas and lambs.  And we listened to all the complaining sheep.  (Meeeeh.)  Seriously, they sound like my grandma on a cranky day.  All they need to do is learn to shrug or wave a hoof while meh-ing.  Ellen hadn't made this connection before, but once we pointed it out to her, I'm pretty sure she'll be hearing it for years to come.  (sorry!)

  I came home with a bit of pretty yarn.  Or.... I almost didn't.  Since I left it at the fair and realized it at the gas station.  Poor Emily deserves a prize for her completely unfazed reaction and her no questions asked, not-hesitating U turn.  Only another knitter knows what that bag's really worth, even if it means an extra half hour on the road.  I got her a candy bar for her troubles.  Not sure it's an even trade, but she took it.

 I loved the minty soft green by GoodKarma,  It could be a hat.  The blue-gray Ball and Skein has to become something I can wear around my neck next winter.  The other chocolate yarn will remain secret.

I also have Emily to thank for my Mother's Day.  At the Waltham Steampunk Festival, which she told me about.   

Because it was Mother's Day and a good mother introduces her kids to all kinds of people. This guy was really proud of his dead frog change purse, and he had a cool real scar that kind of made the whole outfit.   I have many other pics, since there was no shortage of over the top costumes, but let's just limit it here.   Imagine a town full of weird goggles and futuristic victoriania. 

The other thing my weekend contained was gin,  which we had been out of until all your contest comments. So thanks for the reminder.

This was a gin fizz, which tastes a little like a lemon-gin latte.

Put in a jigger:
white of one egg
2 oz gin
juice of one lemon half
two dashes of peychauds bitters
lots of ice

Shake the above in that jigger for about 2 mins, so it gets white and frothy.

Pour into glass over more ice, and add seltzer.  I like adding lemon seltzer for even more lemon taste.

Garnish with lemon peel. 


I think that was enough of a break.  Off to frog and reknit now!

Tomorrow will be the 2nd contest for free PDFs of Charleston Tea.


Melissa said...

I love Ball and Skein! I picked up one skein at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Fest Last year and its the most amazing color! It knew just what it wanted to be the minute I found it. Just need to make more time to knit it.

Patty said...

Oh I like Ball and Skein too. Sorry to have missed the festival, what a weekend! Cheers!

Jennifer in WI said...

I feel your pain on the frogging. I'm looking at a vest front that might fit my 10 yo DD, but definitely won't fit me. Yet I kept on knitting hoping I was wrong. Off to frog whhile sipping a nice glass of wine.

Dorothy said...

What a great post, though I'm sorry about the ripping. You can keep me company as I work on my Vodka Lemonade. I always am stupid enough to KWT (knit while tired) which is most of the time, since I have cursed full-time employment elsewhere. So I make lots of progress and then see some dumb mistake where I was zoning out the night before. I bet you'll be finished before I am at this rate!

Ellen Mason said...

What a great weekend! Thanks a million to you and Emily for sharing your day with me. I regret not coming home with more of a stash - apparently we were both affected by the lanolin fumes. Me-e-eh.

Thea said...

Dorothy - Love the phrase KWT, must remember that!

and Ellen - will share a day with you anytime! Was fun :-)

Deb C. said...

What about the sad doey alpaca eyes? Don't they make you think of when you forgot it was grandma's birthday or some other unforgivable deed? :)
I don't know about the whole egg white thing in the drink. I'm more of a sissy I guess.