Tuesday, May 08, 2012

I know.  The blog posts have been written a little quickly, the knitting has dwindled, and the drinks, they get sucked down before photos are properly taken and ingredients are properly discussed.  But, I'm about to return to my old habits and promise to at least try to be relatively entertaining again soon. 

The last few weeks have been full of knitting type things that didn't involve needles.  This pile is related to the exciting news that many of my patterns will be available wholesale in the near future.   But that meant taking a long hard look at what I've got over here. 

 So, yeah, I had to figure out which of my patterns can convert down to 4 pages, and then edit them to be so.  Any of you who have knit my patterns know that this was no easy task.   In doing it, I realize that there are a few pitfalls in being your own graphic designer - and the first and foremost among them might be consistency.   (Often overrated, but in this case, important.)  So, I've spent a lot of time moving things around and matching fonts and adjusting spacing and editing commentary, so that eventually there might be a batch of patterns in a LYS near you that look like they are part of the same little BabyCocktails "family".    

From now on I just may pay a little more attention to matching format on my future patterns and save myself a bit of this drudgery in the future.  Because, really, I'd rather be knitting than spiraling down into the 7th Circle of Microsoft Word.  

I'd rather be knitting on this little pile of Green Mt. Spinnery's Cotton Comfort.  Doesn't it BEG to be called Champagne?  I got the yarn last year, with the plan to make holiday party gloves out of it.  They were going to be for New Year's - and called Champagne.  Cute, right?  Instead, I ended up with Absinthe and two skeins of Cotton Comfort.  But instead of finding their purpose as gloves, these lovely little skeins can still be called Champagne and are now destined to be a tank top. Which I'd wear more often anyways. 
As soon as it looks more like a sweater and less like a headband. Which will be soon.

The drink is a martini.  Vodka, lemon stuffed olives, a shot of the olive juice from the jar, and lemon bitters.  Plus vermouth.  I'm not usually a martini girl, but this wasn't bad. And it was C's idea.  I think he's still trying to sell me on the pickle juice and figures this is a warmup.  Not sure about that, but was willing to sip it while knitting.

But-- back to the idea of SOON.   Charleston Tea is showing up next week.  
Both as a PDF here AND as a Plucky Kit over there.

Stop back here on Thursday for your chance to get a free pre-release PDF! 


QuiltedSimple said...

YAY!!! I can tell my LYS to order them all (although I think I have most of your patterns:)) But I'm always getting questions and comments when I go in there wearing one of your sweaters so....save myself the trouble of having to telll everyone where to go! Although how in the world are you getting them down to 4 pages????? BTW - I love all the commentary and little hints etc....makes them so easy to understand. Just finished the knit from hell which had a half a page of directions in a book - never again!!!!!

Shilo said...

Love, love, love that you're partnering with Plucky Knitter! I can't wait to get my hands on a kit!

nina said...

How exciting - hope your wholesaling venture goes well! Can't wait to see more of your new design. I have a soft spot for hoodies...