Monday, May 07, 2012

All dressed up and ready to go, a dead car battery (not MY fault) delayed us for a bit yesterday, but we still managed to get into Boston for the first SOWA market of the season and meet some city friends for the day.  Its in the South End of Boston, and boasts a giant vintage market, tons of artisan food stalls, rows of tents with craft vendors and the whole thing is lined with food trucks - you really can't ask for a bigger hipster paradise.   Not exactly hipsters, we decided to show up and blend in anyways.   Barbeque, bahn mi sandwiches and fancy cupcakes made for a pretty tasty lunch - and gave us the excuse to hit three different food trucks and stand in three different lines. 
The mojito cupcakes were fab - and had actual rum in the batter.

A few purchases were made - a little necklace, some pickled grapes, pumpkin chipolte pesto, and maple syrup. 

And Craig found this tee shirt.  Which I am very unsure about.  I may have to ignore him when he's wearing it.

The real reason for blogging about it here though, is the drink afterwards at Gaslight (a nearby restaurant) -- this one has a fancy french name that I forget, but also goes by the name "Drunken Bee".  It had pear vodka, honey, chamonille bitters, and grapefruit juice.  They topped it off with a little lime peel and a lemon slice.  And it was good.  Almost made me forget about the weasel shirt, but not quite.


Shilo said...

You are too funny! I think I'd ignore him when he's wearing the Wonder Weasel shirt too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

All Hail the Wonder Weasel!