Thursday, June 14, 2012

While Zoe knits dilligently in the background on her blue and yellow change purse,  I have been working too.   Above is my second collaboration with Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden.  She's named this colorway Blood Orange, but the drink next to it was a basic gin and tonic with lime.  Because what else do you drink on the deck, in Maine, after kayaking? 

Once I got home, I started working on the theme.

Unfortunately, I'm leaning towards Ruby Red Grapefruit here, on color but not the right fruit exactly.  But the bottle does match the skein, so hey.  And it tastes good.

This was a Grapefruit Vodka Tonic - with fresh squeezed red grapefruit juice, ruby red vodka, grapefruit bitters and tonic.   We made a couple of these before going off to chaperone the 8th grade dance.   In our new town, they have the 7th grade parents do the chaperoning, since the kids don't want their real parents near them at the dance.   Which totally makes sense.

The 8th grade parents do all the planning and setup (It was a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Theme this year), and we just swoop in for the actual event.  They return afterwards to clean it all up.  It's kind of an amazing deal for the chaperones  - as long as you like the music, which I do.   However,  I'm afraid that volunteering this year means I'm sucked in for the real deal next year.    

Anyways, it was a highly entertaining night, and the kids were absolutely adorable, even though they would hate hearing it, because adorable is pretty much the last thing they were going for.   They showed up straight from graduation -  in their sundresses and wedgie shoes (the girls) and button downs and khakis (the boys).   The parents get split up all over the place, and try to look nonchalant.

I was signed up for Dance Floor duty during and Raffle at the front door when they arrive.   This is social anthropology at its best.  It was particularly amusing when the one girl who was teary early in the night got the guy by the last dance.  I'm not sure how bummed would she be if she knew that we were following her soap opera as it unfolded.   But we were rooting for her :-) 

And they left holding hands, so she may not have cared.  Remember that?  So fun.


Hilary said...

First of all, the photos of Zoe knitting are SO cute! She is so determined...I see lots more design work in her future!

And your writeup of the 8th grade dance totally made me smile. I remember those days all too well (except the actual "getting the guy" part) and I bet it was a ton of fun to watch.

QuiltedSimple said...

Sounds like fun - I've been strictly forbidden to be anywhere near the school during dances so I have no clue what goes down (other than I have spies in the form of other parents:)).

Kristen said...

That chaperone plan sounds very sensible. I remember chaperoning a middle school dance. I remember the girls being very emotional and the guys mostly not knowing what was going on. It sounds like it may still a bit like that. And very sweet too.