Sunday, July 22, 2012

I imagine you are, since I have given you nothing to drink for ages!  We are just back from the beach and have a few hours to spend on the back deck, so I have actually made something, photographed it, AND have time to tell you about it.  

This one is quick, easy and refreshing after a salty, sandy day.  

2 oz tequila
fill glass with San Pellegrino Limonata (lemon soda) and ice cubes
toss in a slice of lime (and squeeze)
add a few springs of cilantro, smushed between your fingers before you toss it in


I apologize for the lame blogging schedule these days.  Summer.  I am not home a lot, I am barely on the computer, and I don't have a fancy phone with internet access, so if you don't find me in my office, you don't find me at all.  

 In addition to the current schedule, I have little to share knitwise.  My main project right now is secret and the one waiting to be done, is doing just that, waiting -- since it doesn't have a deadline and no one needs to see it till Fall.   There are a few more things sketching around, but little to show.   That will all change in August, when the girls go to camp and this first deadline passes.  I'll be able to spent a few weeks doing nothing but knitting and writing all day and you'll be sick of me online all the time.

In the meantime, I  have one almost-ready-to-publish project, and just need a little time to work final edits and  schedule a time to take some pics of it with Caro

 I was debating holding onto it till Spring, but as the test knitters weight in, I know I won't be able to wait. I'm not good at that at all.   It's a feminine vest in a wool cotton yarn from Green Mountain Spinnery - in a color begging to be named Champagne.  And it can be worn in August with a tank and then later in Sept with long sleeves.  Something to get  you over the season-change, right?  

A little tease:

Stay tuned!


Seanna Lea said...

I'm knitting full cardigans and sweaters right now, so I think the seasonality of the patterns is mostly a suggestion. If you need a sweater or a vest because of a cold office that doesn't necessarily change just because it is August.

And I can tell you my office is cold!

Dorothy said...

Ooh, looks cute and since it's a vest, there's a chance I'll finish it in a respectable amount of time. Had to break off my never ending Vodka Lemonade sleeves for a growing grandson birthday sweater emergency. This little glimpse of the vest just makes me feel happy-thanks, Thea.

Kym said...

You are such a tease! :-) The knit looks intriguing and the drink sound delish!

Laurie said...

Definitely an effective tease.

Teresa said...

That's a fab looking teaser pic! Looking forward to seeing the whole garment.
Thanks for the drink recipe too. mmm... just what I'll need after a day at work!